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No seed in description
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So if I forget to put the seed in the description when I submit a run, but it is in the video and in the YT description, will the run still be verified?

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Probably not. I've seen runs get rejected because they forgot to put the seed in. If you do, you can edit your run after you've submitted, but before it's rejected

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I've had a run rejected for this reason before. Fortunately all I had to do was resubmit it with the seed in the description. If it hasn't been rejected yet, you can edit it to save time, but if it has then no worries you can still edit it and resubmit it.


yes a bot will reject it if the seed isnt in the description of the run

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Even if it’s already been rejected, you should still edit it.

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How to I edit the description after I submit the run? It is the first run I posted and I just want it to get verified.


If you go to your profile and go to pending actions, click the run and scroll under the video on the side and you should see 3 dots, and then you can edit it from there

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Thank you. It turns out the run was already rejected but I didn't get a notification for it. I just reposted it.


Yeah notifactions are like 2 hours delayed