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2 years ago
United States

Desert Well%. Time starts when you move or interact with the world. Time ends when you touch any desert well. Version doesn't matter since desert wells haven't been changed ever.

Basque Country

day nº8 of asking if people could just put the title of the category idea in the post title for multiple reason i explain at least 5 of the other 7 times also #category-suggestion

Blelon likes this

This is the best category idea EVER in history of mankind.

Podkarpackie, Poland

wow no way this is such a good idea

New York, USA

It's totally not like there's a seed where you spawn right next to one, right???

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Updated Legal Mods:

• AntiResourceReload 4.0.2 for 1.14-1.15.2 is now allowed, which fixes a crash when loading the mod outside of a development environment.

• StandardSettings 1.2.3 for 1.14-1.19.2 is now allowed. This update adds an f3PauseOnWorldLoad option that, when enabled and pauseO

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