Why I can't enter the end in Gravel seed
1 year ago

Sometimes I speedrun in Gravel, I can't go to the end 'cause I spawn on serface not the portal. But when I change to spectator, the portal is right down there. Can someone help me?

Washington, USA

This can be a bit confusing, but you have to not only build your portal in the right spot, but you have to stand in the correct spot when going through the portal, so watch the wr and watch where they stand when going through the portal

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well theres about 80%(for me) your nether portal is on the ground but not in the stronghold so if you spawn on the surface,its OK, just dig down at 4,4 in the chunk and you can reach the stronghold safely


btw are you a green hand in speedrunning? we can help u if you want


Well, you've to stand at an annoying place in the nether portal, if not, then you'll spawn on the surface


go 1/8th behind the portal, look down at the netherrack for accuracy. and the middle of the netherrack. on the left side of portal and u will always be in the portal room

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look at some ssg runs on this seed and see where there are exactly standing in the nether portal, ig that would help

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