Can I Use Optifine for Java Edition 1.16+ Speedruns?
3 years ago
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So my computer physically cannot run vanilla minecraft. I've also tried running sodium lithium, and phosphor at the same time, and it's still unplayable, with around 10-20 fps and frequent lag spikes. I was wondering... is there any possible way I can submit my runs for 1.16+ Java Edition RSG with optifine and prove in some way that I'm not using the banned settings? Or will I just have to keep my runs private and keep track of my pb on my own?

If you still don't want to let me submit runs with everyone else, could you at least make a separate category for the optifine runs? I'm sure there are lots of people in my position who can't run minecraft without optifine and would like to have a way to get official speedruns in.

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Optifine is banned for 1.16+ because it changes things that have to do with mob spawning, but I've seen some people use JellySquid so maybe you can try that.

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JellySquid is basically sodium lithium and phosphor. But unfortunately if it doesn't help OP's com, then there's nothing he can do but play exclusively on 1.14.4, or do unofficial runs on Optifine 1.16.1 which will of course be invalid.

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Give jellysquid mods a shot it might improve your fps, with all of them I get 150 fps on a potato laptop. If not, just hope they add the category or do runs privately for yourself. Hope this helps :D

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I just got my first run that was under an hour. It was 1.16.4, and I was using Optifine. I had no idea it was banned until just now, that really sucks

I agree that they should still accept the run, the fact that there is a dropdown menu to select if you are using Optifine or not should have a purpose! If I select 1.16.4, and select I'm using Optifine and make that publicly visible, then people can know that the influenced mob spawning could be affecting it. If people don't want to see those runs, then use the filter tool. That's why it's there!

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Lol I use jellysquid and apart from loading the world at the beginning it hasn’t helped my frames at all Over hyped

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Sodium, lithium and phosphor only SLIGHTLY help me. But I don't need them too much. What my problem is, is that in the first 10 - 20 seconds of the game, for some reason my fps is like 30, with constant freezing. By the time I have gotten tools, I permanently go up to 300 fps. It's very weird.

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She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

@muma same


damn, optifine is the only thing helping me get over 30 frames lmao

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3 years ago


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Too bad. It is banned, and your runs will get rejected if you use it in 1.16 runs.


@HitThings1114 If you want to use an optifine cape, then just use JellySquid's mods Sodium and Phosphur. Then install the Minecraft capes mod and download it for fabric. Then you can use whatever cape you want, even a minecon one!

Also you could try optimising your computer by clearing the temp files and putting minecraft launcher under "High Performace" and also doing a disk cleanup as well.

Link to minecraft capes:

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Using the Capes mod would be against the rules, you only allowed mods for 1.16 is Lithium, Sodium and Phosphor


Oh really, I didn't know

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