World Preview Mod
2 years ago

Now that the World Preview mod has been allowed in runs, what do you think about using it in runs and how it will affect the speedrunning scene at the moment?

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what does it do

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Bavaria, Germany

@tntfalle shows you a preview of the spawn while the world loads so you can reset it and dont have to wait until its done generating

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Michigan, USA

"No, it isn't allowed. You can find the list of allowed mods in the rules."

From what I understand, it is NOW allowed. Recent chance that hasn't been added to rules yet.

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He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

@LukeSaward world preview mod has recently been allowed to minecraft speedrunning community

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Washington, USA

It may cause the rise of some runners with lower end pcs, since it will increase reset efficiency for people who can't use multi instance

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yea thats what i was thinking

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so like how does it work i still dont get it

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United States

@Luminaire it shoes some of the world as the world is loading so that way you can reset if its like a snowy biome or something

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South Carolina, USA

It previews the world Pepega

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Madrid, Spain

I wanna see how it works before saying anything

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heres a video for those who dont know how it works

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New York, USA

looks a bit funny to me lmao but seems like it will definitely be a positive and I’m looking forward to trying it out

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for some reason i cant launch minecraft if i have it in my mods

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@coolbaconman2 WorldPreview requires Java 16+ and Fabric 0.12.2+ to work. You can install the latest version of Java here (install the .msi file if you're on Windows) To get Minecraft to use that version of Java,

  • on MultiMC: Go to Settings > Java > Auto-detect and select the latest version you have.
  • on the official Minecraft launcher: Go to Installations > "..." for the installation you're using > Edit > More options, click the "Browse" button for Java executable and navigate to C: > Program Files > Eclipse Adoptium > jdk-x.x.x.x > bin > javaw.exe. Select the javaw.exe file. You will then need to delete JavaCheck.jar. Type !!runtime in bot-commands for a tutorial on that. If Minecraft still crashes with Unsupported mixin class version 60, update Fabric Loader.
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Hong Kong
He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

I used it. It is so friendly to part-time-job players!Especially for ke,I am a student with a little game time...

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Do we need fabric to load it?

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