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Minecraft Speedrunning Questions Thread
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I'm wondering if 64 GB of RAM and my current CPU (11th Gen Intel i7 - 11800H @ 2.30 GHz) is enough to run at least 6-8 instances of minecraft. I'm also looking for a pre 1.9 wall macro. Please help

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@lightspeed oh wow that's a powerful machine... 😅 brings a tear to my eye, also uh, forgive my ignorance but why are multiple instances of MC needed? (slightly noob question)

Thanks. 😀

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Are AFK Iron golem farms allowed in a speedrun?

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@luminady which kind of run are you talking about anyway? Wouldn't that just be slower? 🤔


bastion first or fortress first?

is it possible to publish minecraft speedrun with my own version?


@caneland what do you mean your own version? 🤔 you should add more details to your questions so others will know what you are talking about. 😉


Why All Achievements doesn’t have 1.7?

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@2001WindowxpOfficial According to some people in the Javacord, the achievement 'Adventuring Time' is impossible in 1.7 due to a required biome being in the End, yet it is unobtainable when entering, therefore making All Achievements in 1.7 impossible.

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since it says you can't use a texture pack that provides an advantage over vanilla, can you use a pack that makes it harder?

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@EngineerRunner I guess you could (though i don't see why you would), but it still must follow the resource pack rules laid out here: http://bombch.us/DOOK

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i have been waitting for 4 weeks for my run to get verified it said 1-3 weeks is there anything i have to do to get my run verified it isnt really fast its 38 and some seconds but i would like for the run te get verified even with this time if it is possible


the queue is just waaaay too long that's the problem


so if i just wait it will eventually get approved? or at least reviewed by a mod?

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In 1.16+ Glitchless runs, am I allowed to use 3rd person with view bobbing in a tunnel to see the entities above/in front of me?

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I know it's possible to use chunk numbers to find shipwrecks for 1.13-1.15 speedruns, but I don't know the specifics. Could someone please tell me how it works?


Can someone tell me how to display ninjabrain bot with multi instancing? I have practically no knowledge on how OBS works, and I have 8 instances set up after following specner's guide


The chance of getting 21 obi from 3 blacksmiths?


what is the best timer to use?

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