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1 year ago

I just had a run rejected for improper tool usage. I'm assuming it was because I used a calculator that wasn't explicitly mentioned in the rules as legal. However, the calculator is posted on a public repository (replit), and the code is public. It is a super simple 2 eye triangulator where you paste both eye angles in, and it approxomates stronghold location and distance. The reason I'm using it and not another one is because it was coded by a friend. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way for me to appeal the run rejection, and make it legal to use this calculator, I assumed it would be fine to use since the code is public and I linked it in the run descriptions. I used it in additional runs that I don't want to be rejected as well. Here is a link to the program, thanks for the help.


i need new minecraft apk version with complete minimap. It would be great if that happened

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@Frisk_is_Agender, you can't use tools if they've not been approved by the moderation team. Only use mods that are allowed through the rules, such as Ninjabrain Bot


Does anybody know how I can record my internal audio on a Macbook? I've tried many tutorials and none of them work.


LazyStronghold 1.1.1 and WorldPreview 2.3.1 are allowed for 1.16.1 RSG, right?

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Yes. You can also check via going to https://redlime.github.io/MCSRMods/.


Does anybody know why I cant launch version 1.17.1 on MultiMC on a macbook? It just says, "Minecraft 21w19a and above require the use of Java 16," but my java is up to date and I can play on the normal launcher.

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Is autofishing considered a glitch and need to go under the glitched run category, or if one is used the run cannot be posted, or is it fine to use in a normal run?

Paraná, Brazil

I currently don't speedrun Minecraft, but I watch MC (mostly SSG) speedruns, and am interested in speedrunning FSG/SSG.

I have a question: Can you use any seed to speedrun SSG or SS? That includes bad, good, filtered or any seed

Thanks! :)

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Any seed is good for SS, but often there is that one cool and fast seed that everyone uses

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Are Stretched Resolutions allowed? I use resolution 1650 x 1080 for nearly every game and want to know if it's valid for MC Speedrun submissions.

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Hello. I have a few questions.

If I want to start a speedrun today, are there any settings/mods or other things that I have to use? And how are the people doing it with the timer? Is there an mod for or an seperate programm?

Thanks in advance


@ErwinTV i think if these werent allowed, everyone would need a specific screen for speedrunning, and if theres nothing about it in the rules, you should be fine




Next to the "Submit Run" button there is "View Rules" button, and everything you need to know is stated there. Even tho it is pretty long i recommend reading it all. Besides some obvious rules, like No Cheats Allowed, there are some less obvious ones, like having to show F3 screen during or after the run.


Here you can find all sort of useful stuff, like practice maps and allowed mods

Here's a quick tutorial on how to install mods, one thing this tutorial is missing is SpeedrunIGT Timer mod, you can install it the same way you install any other mod, here is a download link


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Are you allowed to die during speedruns? I mean you could still beat the game

Bavaria, Germany

@TheGrindingIce yes, death resetting to get more hunger is even a popular strategy. It was also used in a wr to get rid of mining fatique


@TheGrindingIce i feel like every run having to be deathless would make many players shake nervously and therefore dying is allowed obiviously, so no sweating. It just makes or breaks WRs

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hey, i was looking at my derust pb and i found out that from 26:03 to 30:18 my game audio gets distorted is there a way to fix this?

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@zMatt_ i've not seen this happen to anyone else, if it's a rare glitch, you can probably either ignore it or google "obs audio stuttering"

@TheNoSwearGuy read the rules. max gamma allowed is 5.0 (500%)

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