1.16.1+ RSG what to do if pie chart bugs in treasure bastion?
1 year ago

Hello, I found an old thread from about a year ago asking the same question and someone said you could exit the world and re-load it to reset the chart. Is this still allowed or not?

I know a lot of people say its not worth breaking the spawner as its faster to just blind pearl to a different quadrant, but as a runner with a very slow PB I am not hunting WR times and was wondering if it makes the run invalid.

If you don't know what I mean there is some times a bug in the game where after you break the magma slime spawner in treasure bastions the pie chart thinks the spawner is still alive even after reloading chunks with f3+a. this means that as long as the bug is present you can't use the pie chart to try and locate the fortress from within the bastion.

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Exiting and reloading the world is not allowed to my knowledge. You can reset the pie chart by simply pressing f3 twice.


@TwoPolar Exiting and reloading the world is allowed. Even Doogile did it in his 1.16 world record! As long as everything is recorded and you don't abuse it, it will be fine.

Also @matrHS, yes you often need to exit and get back into the world to make spawners disappear from the pie chart after breaking them. It's a well known bug, hence why you need to exit and relog.

edit: doogile did not relog in his world record, it was in his previous 8:46 pb. Please look at my answer below :)

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what? doogile never relogged in his wr

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@kaytoss OH YEAH you're right, it was in his previous 8:46 PB, not his world record. Sorry for the confusion... But still, he logged out in that run because his timer bugged. You can look at it here (at around 4:15): That run has been fully verified, which proves it is allowed to log out as long as you don't abuse it.

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Another way to do this is turn your render distance to 2 when you mine the spawner. If you do this then the pie chart wont bug at all

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@emilemarc if its allowed then why was one of my PB's rejected for exiting and reloading upon breaking the spawner? its not allowed unless you do it by accident


you got unlucky verifier rng it technically shouldn't be allowed but most people think it should so some runs get verified


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ress F3 + A to reload chunks, which might fix the graphical glitch causing the pie chart issue. Sometimes, a simple restart of the game can resolve such bugs. Also, ensure your graphics settings are compatible and not causing conflicts. heardle unlimited

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