11 months ago

Why no Zylenox new world record on RSG ?


probably being verified. world records need a lot of scrutiny

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cuz it a cheated wr run ninjabrainbot is for loser

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@victor_frappaz Check again

Also @Killer-Spliff stop talking like that please, it makes you sound like a 5 year old, some people don't agree with the decision to unban calculators, but it doesn't mean you have to call people who use them "cheaters" or "losers"

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they full on cheaters and loser who ever user a bot in game has no life


ew five year old

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Bro is completely ignoring everything everybody is saying 💀

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@Killer-Spliff bro you're making yourself sound like a five year old who just found out minecraft existed and was like "hey mommy.... can I pwease get this game" and when she said yes you tried to be cool by attempting to make the minecraft chat in hypixel bedwars look like a LoL game. Bro, you probably got banned from hypixel because of fly hacks and tried to "sue" the game.

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many people view TAS runs as taking away from the spirit of competition in gaming. Games are meant to be played for fun and enjoyment, but when the focus becomes solely on achieving the fastest time through the use of external tools, it can detract from the overall experience of playing and enjoying the game for what it is.

In conclusion, while tool-assisted speedruns can be impressive and entertaining, they are not considered a legitimate form of gameplay by many in the gaming community due to their reliance on external tools and manipulation of the game's code.


@Killer-Spliff did your mom write that message ? 😂

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oh look now they crying cuz when i was doing other message like 3 am in the morning cba to type when u half asleep

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oh the mum joke u diffo a kido

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I don’t understand a single work ur saying

Washington, USA

@Killer-Spliff This also isn't the only run using ninjabrain. Also, since when were you a mod that can make these decisions


@Killer-Spliff idk why but you sound Bri’ish. Maybe you should take a chill pill, I can bring you a bo’le of wa’er if you want me to.

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@Killer-Spliff I don’t know why you wrote about general TAS runs, that has nothing to do with using Ninjabrain. The bot doesn’t input into the game whatsoever, it just gives more precise details on already available information.

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@Oofmonent420 still class as Tool-assisted using 3party program

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In that case, you can consider a number of things as TAS runs, like the wall, or performance mods, etc. In fact, using SpeedrunIGT would be a TAS run because it was developed by RedLime, not Mojang, making it a 3rd party program. Obviously, we can’t consider that as cheating or invalid, etc. because we have to use it to time runs in the first place. I don’t see why you draw the line at Ninjabrain’s bot, but to each their own

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a human can not work it out in 5 seconds

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