Optifine Vs Sodium (Comparison - Sodium is shit)
3 years ago
Bristol, England


  • Minimal Graphics


  • Maximum Graphics

As you can see, sodium is utter garbage. I physically cannot speedrun on sodium. Its so annoying, sodium literally has minimum graphics, and it still is unplayable.


Then don’t. I have a potato computer as well, so I only do 1.14 runs. When I want to run 1.16, I just do it for fun and not competitively.


Yeah. Just dont do 1.16. Problem solved.

United States

another pog thing about optifine is that you can turn dynamic fov off

Bristol, England

@Etherealxx if it was that easy, i wouldn't have made this thread. I prefer 1.16, and was showing a comparison, and how trash sodium is.

Aberdeen, Scotland

If you plan to run on 1.16... tough shit. You ain't using Optifine in a verified run in 1.16, bubby.

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Bristol, England

@LukeSaward never said I was, I'm comparing how shit sodium is compared to optifine.

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South Carolina, USA

Maybe your computer is just shit, since Sodium works just fine with mine. Get a better graphics card, or maybe a better PC, and I'll see you soon.

Rochester, NY, USA

get a job and a decent ass pc then complain lul

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If you have to rely on modifications of minecraft then you probably shouldn't complain if something isnt working most optimally. Also if you use AMD use Multidraw (GL 4.3) under the advanced tab.

Basque Country

i love how the anwer for everything is just "then buy a better PC" like if everybody had just the money to spend 600€ to speedrun Minecraft because optifine is banned lol also im not complaining about this and probably im stupid asking this but which was the reason for optifine being not allowed in 1.16 when is actualy allowed in the rest of the versions lol

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Aberdeen, Scotland

It provides unfair advantages. Someone else can elaborate as I don't know exactly what they are.

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South Carolina, USA

You can get an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card for about $400, so you should be good with that. Also, to answer KilleDragon, Optifine alters 1.16 game elements and is therefore banned.

Bavaria, Germany
He/Him, She/Her
3 years ago

I personally just play 1.13+ in Vanilla Minecraft, i don't mess with Optifine that much in newer Versions.


@KilleDragon well optifine mess with mob spawning and thats crucial. Sodium doesn't exist pre1.16. Until there's a replacement for optifine below 1.16, optifine will still be allowed.

@Fitzey Also my old Nvidia GTX works with sodium perfectly fine. You didn't need very high fps to speedrun block game smh... You can join discord to get the sodium backport made by MrMangoHeads that fix memory leak, and also provide planar fog setting that make nether view clearer

Bristol, England

@xRochy i'm 14 you fucking idiot.

@KilleDragon exactly, people just give lazy answers.

@Etherealxx it's my cpu and ram that is the problem.


Because of your computer being shit or whatever, it might be likely bottleneck or drivers, so you'll have to match current cpu + gpu in order to lessen bottleneck, or just update the drivers if there's working

If not then try messing with memory allocation. I don't know how to help you but hope it works.

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United States

I'm not a MC speedrunner, I just saw this thread randomly, and I'm half a year late, but we never see any proof that you set those settings or that you even have either of the mods installed. Your Sodium video just looks exactly like what I would have used to expect as Vanilla from my old pc.

Also as a 13yo, I was able to upgrade my PC from my own money :p. It's not impossible to do so at a young age but it's also not usually trivial

Holy crap I just saw my pfp and icon thing for the first time... so strange

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wait is this sheephello

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Optifine Gives Me About 200-250, While Sodium Gives Me About 300-360. Which Means You Just Have A Potato PC. LOL

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