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3 years ago

Can we add a category for SSG speedruns but we have to use an End Portal with 0 eyes filled in? Currently almost all SSG runs use 11 or 12 eyes. This new category would introduce new seeds and strats (like looting or trading).

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not valorating the category idea, but this is the 3º or the 4º time the idea came out in a diferent post? no problems but lol anyways nice idea, would be nice having to play more the game actualy xd

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that's called practicing for RSG


i like this idea but it aint a category yet Sadge


This idea has potential and would be great for people starting out with speedrunning

Basque Country

rn SS is just going and is a lot less to do with all the eyes placed from before the SS idea of having all routed with playing the whole Any% including the blazes and the trade would be very nice in a category i dont see why not at least with the newer versions where the portals get done if they start with all the eyes and i dont get that of being just a practice of RSG lol

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Check out the the Any% Glitchless Demo category (under misc) https://www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game#Any_Glitchless_Demo

It's a set seed run but the portal only has 1 eye. Indeed, it has many new and interesting strategies.

@SprinkzMC @Yoopicul @RowdyCat @gamedevperson @Cubing_Cinematics @Dynastie @antonng03 @Cubing_Cinematics @KilleDragon you might be interested in running this category.

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3 years ago

Cool idea

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