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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Forum  /  Using a savewarp during paramedic

Rampage start something (here vigilante, but could anything taxi, paramedic or even pcj playground) - cancel the mission (you're still on a rampage) - setup the savewarp at the safehouse near the hospital - start paramedic (while still on a rampage)
once the rampage is over you can warp back at the safehouse with the replay

Note: killing a patient on level 6 ISN'T part of the strat Kappa

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Pizzaboy is nearby and gives plenty of opportunity to set up a rampage replay. If you set it up on the drive by replay near Avery's, you can do the rampage during Paramedic Kreygasm This is really nice and the teleporting adds some funny element to the boring mission 😃

Turns out rampage starting only gives one clip of ammo instead of 30k, so doing the rampage during paramedic is a no go. Still it's probably better to do it with the driveby one since the other options (Chainsaw, Sniper, SPAZ12, Ruger dont allow sprinting and the .357 is a bit further away from Pizzaboy already)

Scratch that, you need the chainsaw rampage to saw the doors off your ambulance.

Ok nvm, if you buy a safehouse with the rampage glitch you get to keep your ammo. So use the driveby rampage to buy El Swanko Casa and then set up a save replay right after. Enter ambulance and do the rampage while doign paramedic. YOu can get rid of your doors gta3 style.

Correction: For some reason the gang members stop spawning if you do this, so you're gonna have to do it at some other point anyway. Probably still best to do it with the uzi rampage though because sprinting.


wow what a shitty level 2 spawn OneHand


there's quite the interesting thing to it at 53:37, but I think simply doing the savewarp again might fix it

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