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If I load a saved game, my sensitivity remains at the lowest.
But whenever I start a new game (start of EVERY run) my mouse sensitivity is back to defualt, meaning I'd have to change it every run.

Anybody know any solutions?


How can I do that? My mouse have 3 defualt settings and I'm already using the slowest.

I had the game running perfectly the other day, without changing the dpi.


I dont have mouse software. Not everyone has fancy mice their own software.
I never needed to do this before, but thanks for trying/


I think there is a tool that can run in the background which prevents the mouse sensitivity from resetting with every new game, but it would be banned as it's not been agreed to be an "allowed mod" AFAIK. You can do your own research on whether or not there are any programs that can lower the mouse sensitivity to below the lowest possible in Windows or some other workaround. Just a limitation that needs to be dealt with.