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Hey all, I wrote up a quick FAQ for the more prominent strats/tricks/glitches in any% that we usually get questions about. Link it in your stream titles or channel descriptions if you want and tell me if I missed something or explained something poorly. FAQ:


how u drive faggio faster than normally ? how to make 180 with bike ( Kappa )? Streamur why y u no roll after jump/fall? Can i have baby with ya ? TriHard


Ah, bikes, of course. Thanks, will update.


Where is the 'is this 100%' question. That one gets asked a lot because you're doing 'side-missions' (SSA, Pole Position, Cherry Poppers)


Q: How can you move during the SSA cutscene?
A: By walking into the race marker, waiting until the cutscene starts and then pressing enter. Again, it's one of those glitches
that I don't know how it works in detail, I just know how to do it. Getting to the Deluxo just takes a little bit of practice and
knowing when to run forward and when to strafe.

Simple "while you're in the race menu you can't move" and when the cutscene starts you're still in the race menu, so when you leave the race menu it sets your "can control character" flag back to True so you can move around in the cutscene.


Thanks S, updated the FAQ while your explanation and gave credit 🙂


"you press TAB to answer the call, and immediately press RMB for a short time."


"you hold TAB to answer the call, then press RMB to aim" or sth.

The key thing is that you're still holding TAB when you aim.


I don't hold TAB when I press RMB DansGame


Oops, quick enough inputs work too, holding TAB just makes it impossible to fail.


"is this the ps2 or xbox version"


lol ractrot, youre telling me that NOW?



"What's flashing everytime you do SSA or "Shakedown"...

...what is the purpose?"

Referring to the replay trick with cars and the reload trick.


Added sections explaining why we do the assets we do, what is RNG and what is Any%. Forgot about replay usage Guy, will get to it the next time I open pastebin.
EDIT: Added in replay usage in Shakedown and SSA.