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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Forum  /  Pizza Boy instapass on international version

To do this you need a bike rigged with a bomb and rampage start Shakedown. after that make a replay over the save marker at Links view Apartment(you need to already own it). then go to the mall and shoot the first window, then park the bike next to the second window and wait for the rampage timer to run out. after that cancel the phone call and warp out of the mall and go to the pizza boy mission and right before you start the mission blow up the bike with the detonator.

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Does this not work on Japanese? The title of the thread suggest it doesn't, but besides this suggestion there's nothing mentioned about this.

Also does this actually give the %. I assume it does, but does it?

Also I take it doesn't work with any other shop other than tarbrush? Or does it?

Also does this give double %? Does it cancel the Shakedown instance? Will this fuck up my vigilante blips?


If you do this on the japanese version the game softlocks.

Yes this does also give the %.

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finally a use for the bomb shop


Can anyone explain why this works?


I'm sorry to disappoint you but remote grenades should also be an option. I remember user "any" using them to warp in Jury Fury, so I guess they also have infinite range (like the satchel remote controll in SA).

Ghoty: I am grossly oversimplifying for the sake of being understandable: he starts Pizza Boy during the line "my livelyhood, destroyed". When you start Pizza Boy during Shakedown, Pizza Boy starts at the same place where Shakedown was at that moment, let's say, in this case it is command number 420. For Shakedown command number 420 says "play audio: my livelyhood destroyed". But for Pizza boy, it says "mission passed" at command number 420.
The vast majority of combinations crash the game. This combination is not only stable, it also instapasses the mission.

Technical, correct explanation by Nick:

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Remote grenades won't work because they disappear when you enter the save marker.

Too bad starting shakedown after the instapass crashes the game.


Edit: This issue was solved one post later so don't worry.

One instance of the Pizza Boy script remains that waits until the pizza box is available (since the passed instance unloads it) indefinitely. Earleys is looking for a mission that you could start without crashing the game, that would kill the Pizza Boy script.


Dying when on a rampage seems to solve the issue. ^

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Remote grenades actually have a limited range before simply disappearing. 🙁


Dying during a call (while they are talking, not during the ringing) might fail the mission as well. In SA it works . Does anyone feel like testing? Tbh, I have not checked the run if the rampage replay requirement is a problem in its route but this should be useful knowledge in general, anyways.


Patrick, I always did it in runs by waiting for a call to ring, and then dying.


I am not sure if it belongs here since it is only useful for newbies, probably.

I verified that you can get multiple max health increases by duping Shakedown. Since only one instance gets stuck, only one cancelling is required. You can overflow it as well: 250 + 50 = 44 (max is 255, after that it starts at again - 44, 94, 144, 194, 244).

100% adds 50 as well but overflowing then does not matter too much since it additionally sets your current health to 200. Keep Your Friends close sets it to 100 no matter the max health and sets armor to 200, so that's fine as well.

(edited: )

The car bomb meme is dead, I guess.

Technical stuff you can skip, I guess
For the setup, you can just start Shakedown twice and pass it. Right after "mission passed", fly to Pizza Boy to instapass it.
How does that work? While one Shakedown instance passes just fine, the other instance seems to be incapable of noticing that an audio line can finish^^,and therefore gets stuck waiting for the audio line to finish, And that wait command that is used while the Shakedown instance waits for the audio line to finish is what we use to instapass Pizza Boy.

Ok, now read again 😛
The strat is: Dupe Shakedown (due to misuse, I explain again: duping means starting a mission multiple times. Setting onmission to 0 alone is not duping SwiftRage ;)), finish Shakedown normally but you have to trigger the "My Livelyhood, destroyed" line first (the one you already use for the instapass). One Shakedown instance keeps waiting for the "Livelyhood destroyed" line to finish. So now fly to Pizza Boy to instapass it.

Cancelling Pizza Boy
I know of three ways.
1) Now that we pass Shakedown, we can start Love Juice to get rid of the left over Pizza Boy instance. "I know just the girl. I know just the girl".
2) Dying during a call or rampage still works, of course.
3) Starting Road Kill also works. You get two functioning Road Kill instances and, therefore, you can dupe and fail it, you just need to be quick. ^^ I'm not absolutely certain it can be done without grenades.

At the end of the post, I list which missions I did not try to use to cancel Pizza Boy.

One last, important thing
Don't have the phone ringing, that sound cancels the "Livelyhood destroyed" line or sth. along those lines. That makes the second Shakedown instance pass also, so the Pizza Boy instapass can't be done anymore. So make sure you get and keep a wanted level after completing Shakedown.

Not tried - too slow, I guess
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