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I was intrigued about converting the game to the jpn version to start learning, but in doing so, I then realized that it would be more trouble then it was worth to learn with the jpn version. I then decided to learn the old route/with the normal version. But when I then tried to open up the normal version I had in a backup folder, I would get an error. Confused by this, I decided to uninstall the steam version and reinstall it. In doing this, when I tried opening it, I got an error and I can no longer open the game at all.

Only things I had installed were the Vice City Silent Patch, which is practically needed to play the game.
Although when I checked the steam game directory, it still had the silent patch installed, even when I uninstalled the game. I've tried many things including uninstall the mod, but still to no avail. If anybody has any ideas, Please let me know. Thanks!


Go to your Vice City User Files folder in Documents and delete/rename gta_vc.set. It's probably the JPN version's.

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