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Like most people, I use rampage replay route for Jury Fury mission. But there is different way in Anti's and Marushko's speedrun videos. They use clothe replay and phone talking. But I can't understand how it make. Is there any tutorial about this?


Q: How do you do it?
A: It requires a submission vehicle and frame perfect timing. Hold submission and release it frame perfectly when Tommy has fully left the vehicle. You will then have an ONMISSION=0 phone call which can be answered after starting Jury Fury. When the call ends Jury Fury will start again. ( )

There is no video tutorial about it. I guess.

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It's a frameperfect strat
They dont record ANY replay during riot segment. They take clothes to remove wanted level. They skip call dialogues by spamming F3 but as I said, without any replay recorded. Game doesnt know what to do, so it decides to skip the voice dialogues.

1. you shouldnt have any replays recorded beforehand (basically just delete the file called "replay.rep" in GTA Vice City User Files folder, located in C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\GTA Vice City User Files)

2. get a wanted level during BAB
take a copcar after BAB

3. take clothes to remove wanted level

4. drive to the JF mission marker, start holding vigilante keybind (just like you would do with molotov strat, in the ambulance), release it as soon as tommy will be about to be already on-foot mode

- holding is unnecessary, you could also just click if it's better for you, but you have to click it as soon as tommy is about to be on foot, some people find it easier

5. skip the cutscene, press tab to answer the call (if there's one hehe, thats the hard part, so bless your frameperfect skillz)
disclaimer: you shouldnt really hear the call most of the time, usually it comes silent!!!

6. start spamming f3, To be safe there, cuz usually you could softlock during this call if you are not good(fast?) enough with F3 thingy, is to press F1 during 1-2 voicelines (Not the first ones though cuz the F1 replay wont be long enough so you would have to spam it as well) to extend the time of not getting a softlock.

Here's the explanation of the strat in SA, But in VC it's not that RNG (there's no 33% chance, it's more like ~90% if you hit the frame perfectly)

If you still can't get it, you can contact me on discord, or you just join GTA Speedrunning Discord and ask them about the strat.

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I guessed it was done like this and tried it many times. In that case, I couldn't catch frame. Thanks.

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where does the shotgun come from on Riot? anti and Marushko don't pick it up before the mission


Cop car gives you a shotgun

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Cop car gives you 5 shotgun shells

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