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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Forum  /  Vice City (seemingly) useless glitches megathread

so I asked if people would be willing to contribute to something like this, so I'm making a placeholder post for it now

I'll submit some stuff tomorrow but I said I'd make the thread today



videos I already have on my yt

frame limiter off in vice city allows for major sliding on rails by jumping at them and tapping w
the same thing can be done with flame limiter on but it's much slower

you can jump through walls using bikes if they're in the right position to do so

random map bug at printworks

not strictly useless but I'll put it here anyways
you can tap crouch before switching weapons to break the animation sooner saving a very minimal amount of time

random packer handling 'glitch', just do burnouts, grass + rain makes it even more dramatic



Useless glitches? I got some.



Random shit that you can't really set up

solid flying asset money

solid non-flying asset money

invisible gun (volume warning)

solid cash from a pedestrian

flying cars

getting stuck with the cutscene mode if you die during one

PCJ coming out of a wall (might be good for some insane segmented run for the very start?)


Stuff that can probably be reproduced / the cause is known

Dock YOLOzip that I've only done twice ever

with going OoB as a bonus on #2

softlocked KYFC with fire. maybe this could speed up other cutscenes (probably in allm or hundo, if anything)

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Continued because apparently I have a limit to how many videos I can embed in a single post

useless OoB

Phonecall glitch without a gun

clipping through walls feat. Lance (would definitely work with other peds)

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you can jump through walls using bikes if they're in the right position to do so

excuse me, this thread is about useless glitches only, and this strat has been used in speedruns
pls remove


During missions with people following you, it is possible to shoot at yourself.

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Glitches that need documenting but m too lazy:

-Chase 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 up until whatever it is that's being done now.
-Flamethrower paramedic


clipping through wall


[TUTORIAL] How to get into Escobar International Airport without losing your weapons in GTA Vice City (be sure to comment rate subscribe)


It's possible to keep rampage weapon with replay rampage start (from a vehicle) if you start it in flintstones mode. Normally it's replaced with SMG (if you have one) after you re-enter the vehicle.


Bender: I played around a bit and found some interesting - to me - trivia (nothing useful - even for in-game "hundo"):

If you start Vigilante, get out and then start PCJ Playground, PCJ Playground starts at offset ~4000 bytes. That's where it checks if checkpoints have been collected. If you had already passed the mission at one point, all checkpoints are still set to "collected" - they get set to "not collected" one frame later so it is close^^ -, therefore you get the 24 of 24 and mission pass. Otherwise you just get a "0 of 24" and nothing more. I cannot explain why you only get $100 in your video, though and I did not want to bother testing further (after ~5min :P).

Vigilante has another wait command, though: If you kill a criminal outside your cop car, PCJ Playground starts at offset ~11600 bytes and - since that is bigger than PCJ Playground is - lands in Cone Crazy, at ~4850. That's the part where the game gives the player money when he has beaten his record (a different part handles the very first Cone Crazy completion). The amount of money equals the amount of money you got last completion - in my case $0 since I had never completed it. 😃 If you cannot beat your record and still want money, you can get a couple Vigilante instances by duping Trial by Dirt and then starting Vigilante. Then kill a criminal outside your cop car and get over to the PCJ in the 60s time limit - that's a hard way to earn your money, though, add to that the fact that Vigilante likes to crash when getting multiple instances. ^^

(edited: )

Faster than sprint movement (kzslide/pillslide)

Start a slide while adrenaline is active. Then hit F1 -> let go of forward -> F1 again (per AntiStreaks' find). This should cause a faster sliding state which will become apparent when the adrenaline wears off.

Because the setup for this is so cumbersome, it's probably not useful anywhere for right now.

Here's a video showing off a comparison and a mockup strat that's probably slower than the current route.

Edit: Video comparing WR Rub Out to my pillslide Rub Out.

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(edited: )

Replays change logos on trucks:

(edited: )

[anti's posts restoration project]
Can't tell if this will be useful or not so putting it here for now:

Basically, if Tommy stops burning in the middle of a phone call, he is able to sprint/jump/switch weapons and all that just like a regular phone call glitch.

In Shakedown, to make the last two store's windows near the Infernus easier to destroy with the M4, you can just crouch quickly and aim and shoot then begin running again when both sets are destroyed. The reason you should crouch is because Tommy will not flinch when shot and being shot multiple times in that section is highly likely and can sometimes lose seconds. This eliminates that at the cost of some frames.

In any% no ACE, when you arrive back to the mansion from Bar Brawl and are getting ready for Cop Land, you should get off the bike almost straight after entering the mansion grounds so you can take the call quicker, and then you can push the bike to where ever. Also those annoying cops that throw spikes down only spawn when moving in a vehicle so to prevent those cops from spawning right outside the mansion giving you no chance of escaping and pretty much killing your run straight away, you can leave the bike just a little bit closer to the mansion exit and using the hold sprint strat to make lance sprint to you doesn't make this much slower but also much safer as well.

Another thing about 5¤ Cop Land is that the old strat of leaving Lance behind at the garage in which you obtain the Cop uniform is no longer necessary as the same glitch that causes 5¤ at the start of Cop Land already skips Lance's lines, so you don't have to do anything like park at the back of the garage and / or knock Lance over just to prevent him from coming with you.

I don't have any videos demonstrating these because my Internet is pretty dead right now, but you should be able to picture what I'm saying with these. [thank God, videos are not cached :D]

(edited: )

I found a few bugs with probably no usage in any type of run,but here goes:

Here is a bug that could have a use in the future,the setup is simple..All you have to do is get a random ped angry,jump behind while being kicked,and you should be boosted in the air,the result can be diferent:

Another bug that allows you to aim with the M4 and the M60,you need to set the controls to "classic mode" and set yourself on fire using a molotov:

The third and last bug is a clip in Little Havana,which can let you reach the airport faster if you drop down while on foot,works with most bikes,not only with the Angel:

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