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lets not be like OOT & ALTTP plz



We've already seen that nobody ran dupeless once that was first found, so no point in splitting it off into another category. I do think that it would be neat to somehow preserve people's run progression, but making a new category isn't really the way to go.

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B, if people want a fun version of any% then they can just do 7 assets or sth

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Should ask this again in a few weeks, as it should be based on popularity. If people run ""old"" any%, make a new category Any% no Wrong Warp. Otherwise, no point. Considering how dead VC was, I doubt anyone will actually run the old route.

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Outside voice says your choice is between any% no wrong warp, or any% no duping, as separate categories. I'm pretty sure people are going to want a run in between any% and all missions, you'll just have to figure whether that run should have duping or not.

I know Adam would love to go back to the pre-duping days.


Nah, B is the obvious answer, I don't know how to feel about making a new category for people who wanna do no wrong warp as well. People have been doing any% on whatever since duping was found and it hasn't changed anything then. WE have tried a new category before and it didn't work out because no one ran it.

BTW, VC racing was already dead as hell, it's completely dead now. RIP


Right before duping was discovered, Ractrot got a low 1:26, which was a crazy good time with those strats. It's still an amazing run even after all this time. Anyone who got a sub54 still has a really good run and MH's run will still be appreciated. Any% evolves, strats and routes change, we really don't need knee-jerk reactions right now, like with 7 assets. Like I said before, if a new category is made, old runs can be resubmitted.

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B for srcom leaderboards unless people still wanna run the old route, but I don't really see it happening based on previous experiences


Because you dupe party 10x and it has an extremly high chance of crashing at many spots through the run

What will happen to SRL racing, then? Just doing the old route?


Any% evolves, and that is unavoidable


A, because... WTF is this? 24 minutes? No way!

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Ultimately it has to be option B for progression but whilst I don't actively run the game I've been here long enough to give a fuck about it - essentially option A and hence a renaming will have all sorts of complications if not done correctly, "any%" still accepts both European and Japanese version runs which are inherently different in terms of asset skipping but now this new method has been proven I can't help but feel it should be seperated as something like "any% (no major-skips)", only because for arguments sake it doesn't appear to take much skill to pull off and is virtually free.

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Seems like I have to reconsider, if want to learn this game :^)

I'm not gonna vote, cause I don't know shit as non member of the community, but from personal experience and preference I would have choosen to make a category for the old any%, just because there will be a sudden big time gap between the old runs and the improved runs and they are basically no longer comparable imo.

You could consider adding it as misc category as a "showcase" for the old runs and for keeping an option for potential interested people open.

Again, I don't know shit about the community, so if you think this is retarded, I'm fine with that.

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Dacciox, feel free to vote, it's good to get all opinions on the table even from viewers.

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This discussion was had with the normal dupes as well. We made a "7 assets" category, which was basically the old stuff but still inspired route improvements ("any% old route" wouldn't work because if someone finds taking a specific random alleyway would be faster on some random ass mission tomorrow it wouldn't be allowed and that's dumb)

7 assets was a flop however, and nobody ran it. And seeing as how nobody ran any% at all in like the half a year prior to this new skip, making a new category for that will be an even bigger flop.

We didn't praise the former any% route into high heaven 3 days ago, so why should we now?


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Depends on how many people want to run the now old route.

I would go for option A and wait a couple more weeks to observe if the interest for the old route becomes extinct. If it does, then rip the old route as it is an analogy to the assets category.

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