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Once, I was in a race, and I accidentally despawned the Infernus for Back Alley Brawl. I went for the Faggio, and to my surprise I actually saved time on the split. That got me to thinking: "could something like this be a new strat?".

I did a few tests, one with the normal route, one with taking a Faggio for Back Alley Brawl, and one with quickly switching the Freeway for the PCJ at the marina where Cortez is and using that for Back Alley Brawl. The Faggio and Infernus ones were pretty close, but in a test run I did, on a split that I usually don't save time on, with PCJ strats I saved 13.5 seconds on phone pickup and that was gold. Other than the PCJ simply being faster, you don't have to park at the Malibu since you can just go full-speed into the marker and it auto-parks the bike in a good position, and no rolling after jumping off to kill the chef.

I do terrible in the video, and I still save a good amount of time.


^ it's very good strat - approve. 7:20 brick phone every time guaranteed 😃


I want to see what times I could get with 30cc + this strat


R.I.P. in Pieces hand-in-lap-resting BibleThump


WOW, taking away more amazing lines, dead game. wouldn't even play anymore


With early Cone Crazy i would take the PCJ behind the Pay'n'Spray. That way you are using the pcj for longer.


Jolzi, that's what I was doing, but turns out, if you get a good stallion drop, it's faster to switch at the marina. If you get a bad drop, unless you get a sports car right away, then go for the pay'n'spray PCJ.


"R.I.P. in Pieces hand-in-lap-resting BibleThump"

That's been dead since 2002. 😉