Good job, Fil. So, I guess the best time to pickup the rpg is pw2... Unfortunately you lose the M60, but there's just enough rpg ammunition for t2+3 (4 rounds). Anwyay, nice to see the end game get some optimization. 🙂


Nice. Definitely have to try that the next time I run it, though it's a shame you lose the M60 after.


maybe you could do this with grenades instead rpg. that way you could keep the m60. although you only use it for lance/sonny after that.


ye, what about taxi 2? i imagine it too be slower without the m60


M60 was used for Taxi 2? Was that new? Because I just did it like Three Vans in GTA III and used the machine gun.


Maybe I need to test the nade strategy out some more, but from what I gathered, it isn't a reliable strategy. I also tested the M60 using this strategy, but with the same result. I think under ideal circumstances the rpg should be nearly as fast as using the M60 for T2, but with that said, I reckon there will be more risk, like missing a shot or being in the blast range.

M60 for taxi2 is not new, dragoon 😛


tested it 10x and was successful for 7 but died 3. a bit risky for me atm but still a great find and a big time saver. i think taxi 2 would be fine with the rpg as long as you aim well and don't blow yourself up. :x having to use the m4 to kill lance/sonny would be a tiny bit slower but that's not a big deal


well there's always the chainsaw strats for Lance at least.

is there enough time to get the infernus to run Sonny over with?


yes its enough time for going for infernus strat but is risky - they can pop your tire and then u will miss Sonny hit... M4 is only like 1,5-2 sec slower compared to m60 so it's totally worth it even if u can kill 3 taxis in very very short time - just get out from bike, aim, quick shot, immediately back on bike without looking on effects and go for next one



M60 for taxi2 is not new, dragoon



will try some of these (pretty cool but yolo) strats after I learned to run the game "normally" 😃

Pretty awesome!

EDIT: Tried it yesterday 😃 Went horrible wrong.. forget to get back into cab Q_Q
It's cool but I guess I'll leave it to the more experienced runners for now 😃


I found this strat is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier if you break off the door beforehand and get out of the taxi before the cutscene starts


i have some ideas to make it more safe but have to test it tomorrow 😉 will be kinda slower but will worth