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i want to do a speedrun of this game, but i can't . I've tried to copy what other players do on their speed runs but i'm not able to do these things!
at the start of the game i pick the car or the faggio, and i get to hotel from the hotel i get to the " L " and start party mission, then i try to get the violence mission and hit REPLAY BUTTON then i take the clothes. I steal the freeway and go to get the pcj600, i start the colonel cutscene and the pcj disappear, so i take the nearest sport car and take the girl to pole position club. In FURY JURY nothing happens and i must destroy all cars by myself.
Help me please, and sorry for my english i'm italian ahaha


Do you even HOLD Vidgilante before hitting the replay (like not just starting plain Vidgilante)?

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This thread is a year old man

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