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I just found out how to do the sliding glitch. its really easy. all you have to do is to have a really short replay and then switch weapons to the chainsaw and at the exact same time play the replay. you can also take phonecalls and use weapons while sliding.

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"its really easy"
¤Fails it 5 times in a row in the video

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Is this actually useful?


Yes, kinda. You can skip getting the ruger on Guardian Angels and slide for the Diaz call before Chase and Sonny call after Chase. It's around 3-4 seconds saved. Not a huge deal, but still, a timesave is a timesave.


warning: it's not as cool as it sounds.

- You save like 1-2 seconds maximum

- Hard to time killings of the last 2 dudes before the cutscene where the haitians take the money. Also slow.

- If you're slow to the gate, you lose time setting up the glitch.

- If you fail to slide first try, you lose more time in replays.

- You can't break the door off during the Diaz call.

- If under the north bridge, you won't get to the heli before the call ends.

just... meeeeh.


Probably worth noting that switching to any weapon except fist/grenades works.

At least with a PCJ for Riot it should be faster to drive back and do this instead of doing the death warp.


Huh, so ruger skip is meeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh? Kinda expected it tbh.

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