Leaderboard Renovations are Underway
Leaderboard Renovations are Underway
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Hi everyone,

Just making you all aware that we are going to start including milliseconds in our timings and that Any% will be scrapped and combined with the Murder Ending IL as having both was a bit redundant. Many people only submitted to one of the two, so by combining them into the IL board we'll have a proper comprehensive list of every run done of the fastest ending.

Please bear with me while I tidy things up and re-time existing runs before moving on to the submissions we have waiting.

Kind regards.

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Hey everyone,

Just letting you know that I've made a Discord server for the game. This should be an easier way to make suggestions and ask questions etc. You can join through the link at the top of the leaderboard page or through the invite link below. I'm new to managing a server so apologies if t

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