Changing F5 to Spacebar (or similar key)
11 months ago
United States

I found in the Assembly-CSharp.dll a spot to rebind the default keys/add new keybinds for ease of access. I thought F5 was pretty far away from the normal WASD keys and there isn't any way to change the binds in-game. Would this be something us as a community would be interested in? If not all good ^^


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Virginia, USA

I think that is a fantastic idea. My vote is yes

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United States

F5 is such a jump. That would be a huge help!

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United States

I'll go by the 4 yes votes like ECG has done before, so one more needed. And if you guys want to decide on a key for it as well that'd be awesome too. Since Spacebar isnt ever used in the game I figured it would be a really solid option but I'm open to ideas ^^


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Florida, USA

I agree, it would be a huge help.

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United States

Awesome! That's 4 votes for yes, I'll upload the file and a tutorial for installing and getting it set-up either today or tomorrow. Any arguments on the keybind in particular? Or is spacebar good enough for yall ^^


United States

I already put this in the video description but I have a feeling people wont see it :C

SPEEDRUN.COM HAS RENAMED THE FILE. You have to change it back to "Assembly-CSharp.dll" EXACTLY or the patch will not work. Thank you for your patience and happy running. The file can be found in under patches

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