Teleporting Items (extended)
11 months ago
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I had an idea for how to use the teleporting items glitch a little more often, and turns out it works with any throwable item over any save. This can be a HUGE timesaver in certain spots and I'm going to be uploading a tutorial and a few uses later today!


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I wanted to work on a guide for this, I discovered it last week while running ending 0. This works with Jar, Fruit, Key, and Skull. I have footage of each, if you're interested

Also check out this meme I made

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Big thanks to @homescar for doing this multiple times in his run for ending 0 as well ^^

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Wow alright we sent that I kid u not at the same time xD

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Alright in that case feel free to make the guide! I look forward to seeing it :>

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