Separate ILs between SLA and No SLA
11 months ago
Île-de-France, France

I thought it would be a good idea to separate ILs categories between Save/Load Allowed and No Save/Load. The new item warp, that uses Save/Load to teleport items, is clearly a major glitch. Except the secret ending, it changes all 10 endings simply because you can teleport the vials at the beginning. And even though you do not teleport the vials you can use this glitch later on 8 endings (all 10 endings except ending 2 and 9) because either items are toss to you or you can toss items to yourself

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Yeah it's probably about time for this split. I'll sort things out soon and go through older runs to make sure every obsoleted run is in the right place. Or H1atus might want to give the leaderboard editing a go to learn how that stuff is done, though the site's moderation tools can be super finnicky sometimes haha.

Side note, I'm going to be making a discord server for us so it'll be easier to make suggestions :)

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Hey everyone,

Just letting you know that I've made a Discord server for the game. This should be an easier way to make suggestions and ask questions etc. You can join through the link at the top of the leaderboard page or through the invite link below. I'm new to managing a server so apologies if t

10 months ago
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