All Bosses (No-RoG), Set or Random Seed?
8 years ago
United States

I feel that this category should be mainly run on Set seed since Random seed would last a decent bit longer. This should be a very fun category as Any% seems fairly Boring.

We could sleep through nights with a tent so we could skip a decent chunk of waiting for the spider queen, as it takes anywhere from 22.5 - 45 In-Game days, which take 8 RTA minutes each. We could also see if a tier 1 or 2 spider den could generate with the world. Interesting bug we should put to use:

For the Tree Guard, If we use the Wood-Cutter, we could make him hostile immediately, which would be faster than waiting.

For the Deerclops, since we have to wait at least, 22.5 days for Spider Queen, on day 21 (When Winter Starts), we could immediately try to kill him by using gunpowder, as it is the highest damage item within the original game.

And Lastly, for the Ancient Guardian, we could find a sinkhole, and travel to that after tree guard, and then find out where the labyrinth in the ruins is.

So the order would be Treeguard, Ancient Guardian, Deerclops, and Spider Queen. This should be a VERY fun category to run!


I agree about the set seed part, it all depends on the runners preferences, but yeah, there are chances of there being very little spawns of spider dens in random seed, that makes it even harder to run and a decreases a chance for the run to nt die in the end.

I have read about different tactics how to defeat each of the boss aswell, as there probably can be other ways to defeat them based on what items are faster to get in a particular set seed. Here is the link, just click on any:

But yeah, I consider running Adventure Mode and possibly also this category soon as I really enjoy this game, but havent had the chance to run it seriously, I will see how everything goes this year at the uni tho.

P.S. Thanks for everything, I am glad to see other people interested in this game and speed runs of it.

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