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6 years ago
Texas, USA

Hello everyone! I just got this game and this is my first time poking around over here, so forgive my general ignorance. In one of the other forums, it was mentioned that Wilson was the only protagonist because he is the fairest, but I'd like to request sub-categories for other characters; something similar to this:

Honestly, for as popular as this game is, I'm surprised there aren't any runs submitted for the adventure mode. It's my favorite part of this game, but Willow is my favorite character (so far). It'd be nice to be able to submit runs using her if I ever actually beat adventure mode.

Also, the "Best Ending" tab kinda confused me at first. There was probably a discussion about this that I missed, but I feel like it should be closer to "Escape" or "Teleportato" or something.

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I don't see any reason to not let other characters do a chance but hey... I am not a mod, I don't even speed-run this game

Wisconsin, USA

I agree that a lot of cool run potential could be gained with the addition of categories for each character. For example, in the "Best Ending" category, I primarily sustain myself off of only berries and carrots, but that wouldn't be possible with Wigfrid, so a Wigfrid run would be very unique compared to the normal Wilson run. However, there aren't many runners of this game and some of the categories have zero submissions, so I can see why adding something like a tab for each character may just add more empty space to the leader boards. Still I think if it is at all possible to add a tab for each character, it would be fantastic since opening up the possibility of all characters could potentially attract more runners than the current Wilson restriction does.

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Texas, USA

I agree with that. The current draw to this page is "Who gets the luckiest looking for the portal?", which isn't all that interesting IMHO. There are some speedruns out there already using different characters, so those wouldn't necessarily all be empty rows. For instance:

Speedrunning as Maxwell will be WAY different from speedrunning as WX-78. For instance, Maxwell has to worry about staying alive while a full upgraded WX-78 is almost invincible. WX-78 has the system overload feature, which will really help in the cold reception chapter. On the other hand, Maxwell won't have to worry about being insane in that chapter.

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Texas, USA

WX-78 eats 15 gears "Well, death is one less thing to worry about"

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