A request and an idea
1 year ago
Portland, OR, USA
He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

Hello friends. I am looking to speedrun Dont Starve, have a bit of experience with both the game and speedrunning. So I had some thoughts. First I wanted to ask for Hamlet to be added to the leaderboards, same categories within it. Second I think itd be best to consolidated the (potentially) four different updates into the same speedrun page. Itd be quite easy to do, could preserve the same categories, and make it easier for new players to join and understand it. I think right now anyone that is interested is spread thin amoungst the games. Hope you are all doing well.

Texas, USA

That's not a bad idea considering the new src layout choices. I'll see if I can get in contact with Redlof about it. I never ventured far from the original vanilla version and shipwrecked, so I'm not at all sure what updates/changes were made to the series, but I agree that the current layout is a little confusing with all the different versions out there.


Hamlet leaderboards are now available

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