I just found something VERY cool for this game
6 years ago
United States

So while routing All Bosses for vanilla don't starve, I wanted to test around with manipulating world spawns. What I found was really useful.

In other games (i.e. pokemon) RNG in part has to do with the system time when certain actions are done. Well I tried testing if that worked with world spawns in this game. And to my surprise it did.

Pretty much its based on what time you press "Start" to create the world. I'm going to mess with this and use it in my all bosses run. I wanted to show y'all this so it can be put to good use.

P.S. The All Bosses run in general will be a really cool run to watch! hope y'all enjoy it in the coming weeks!

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Texas, USA

In computer science, there's no such thing as random numbers. It's always calculated from something. Pokemon didn't have a lot of computing power to work with, but I'd guess that something like this game would likely use one of the native "random()" functions. If you know what language the code is written in, I'm sure you can look up how that number is calculated. Just thinking out loud- good catch.

Chicago, IL, USA

@Hardrocker Cool find! Hey do you know when the time-rng interaction starts? from boot up? or from char selection etc? Would love to play with this

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@knewster the time RNG starts upon pressing the "start" button when beginning a file. I think it may vary from Mac to PC version as the same time value gave me different starts. The current route I have made works for the Mac version of the game. I still need to find a seed w/ a Living Forest.

United States

So I finished a route for All Bosses, I just havent gotten the time to do a run @Brave_lil_Nora . I believe it is seconds and not milliseconds, though i may be wrong. What are you routing?

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