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8 years ago
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How do you enter seeds for Adventure Mode?

I would like to help route this. Are there any known unpatched duplication glitches? Also i remember there was a wrong warp where you could warp from the completion of the first level to the last one. It may be patched.

Also why is Wilson the only allowed character? I feel the Robot or Strongman could be better because they are faster, we could just add a variable for characters.

We could run on an older unpatched version of the game if we can get a hold of it. I contacted someone from Klei and they said that the could not give me an older version. If there was some other way that would be incredible.


You cant enter set seeds for adventure mode, the point of the Adventure set seed is that you start in the survival mode in set seed and continue in a randomized adventure mode, thats why its in the misc category, because it doesnt really change the time overall only helps you get to the adventure mode faster than the random seed one.

I havent really experienced or know about other glitches rather than this one aswell. I haven't really been part of the Don't Starve community, so I am not aware of any glitches.

Wilson is the only one allowed because it is average in stats and provides fair runs for everyone, I might add a feature for runners to add with what characters they run with, but in categories like adventure mode it might be all one sided with one character( ike Crash Team Racing speed runs etc).

Well the only possible way to get an unpatched version of the game is either if there is mods like in GTA where you can change the game into its original state or illegal ways that I dont encourage.

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Are we allowed to use custom world presets when creating a world?


In a set seed category, yes.

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Would that be what we define set seed as? Also we should set limitations on custom worlds, because you can set spawning of some mobs off.

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I though we could define set seed as everyone having the same world file to start with. This is mainly in regard to All Bosses


IMO that would be considered as set seet because you could set what mobs and biomes will spawn or wont spawn in-world and potentially have a better outcome than random seed.

Set seed isn't meant to be that everyone has the same file, its more of a - everyone knows the layout of the world they will play in, weather it is through world settings or a set seed. Of course, for everyone who does get a WR/PB or generally a good world than can be grinded should share his file with others.

This can be crucial on All Bosses, but as currently I have no intentions to run Dont Starve for the upcoming weeks and as others are quiet inactive, If you do a run, I will allow whatever world creation tactic you use for your run - set seed or custom world settings.

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The Don't Starve Wiki has a list of reported bugs on their site, and a few more mentioned in the comments below the page if anyone wants to mess around with them:

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