Timing rules and other unanswered questions.
8 years ago

This threads main reason will be to discuss timing related rules and also adding new categories. I only recently became a mod of this game and due to different outside issues havent had enough time to pick up and run all categories myself aswell as haven't yet added new categories. But seeing as other mods haven't been active since this all was made and seeing activity here there is definitely in need of re-organizing this.

Here everyone can ask me a question ar say a suggestion and I will try to help and answer all of them.

Also about the timers, I did make a bit more precise description right now, but want to hear your opinion if you agree on this or not.

Thank you all in advance, agjents


Hey there, agjents, cool to see that at least somebody is looking for this leaderboard. If you'd have time maybe you should apply for super mod status for this game?

Anyways, there're some things from me:

  1. Edited timing rules are absolutely fine by me, can't complain there, though when i applied them to 1st place run i actually got 01:27.200 instead of ~01:28. Maybe look into it again? And also i think that option to show rules by default should be used.

  2. As i suggested in comment for my run category like "Adventure Mode" should exist in which you'd start same as any% and then continue till the end of adventure mode. Not sure if there should be two Adventure Modes categories tho (with and without fixed start like any%), because even with fixed start upcoming adventure mode worlds will generate randomly, so idk, let it be a brief suggestion.

  3. Current "All Bosses" category seems like it didn't have RoG bosses in mind, but it actually leaves a good opportunity to have two categories for all bosses as well - with and without DLC.

  4. There also should probably be information about world seeds usage in resources section or in the rules for respective any% category just to not force any possible new runners to search for solution in order to pick up that category.

  5. And to finish with categories - i'd say that any% random seed should be moved to first place and become a main category instead of set seed one.


Well, Im still more into CTW and working on 100% route there (I know, its been around a month now, im lazy), so at the moment I doubt I had any time to be a Super mod here, but I might try in the future.

  1. I will check his time once more, I might have stopped the timer when looking at his way too late aswell. And yes, I will put rules as default to show now.

  2. I will add Adventure Mode any% and I think it does affect either you start with set or random seed, so there should be 2 different categories for that, I will check everything out tonight and it will probably be added.

  3. Same as the Adventure mode, I will research it and it seems like yes, there should be 2 different categories. Edit: Now I actually realized that there can also be a set seed and a random seed RoG and non-RoG category so that makes it 4 different categories, do you think it is needed or will just make it more confusing for other newer players?

  4. I might do that, but the problem is that I haven't done set seeds ever, not really sure how the all process work, as I have only played using random seeds. I might post here or make another topic about it as I have seen how it can be done on Steam forums.

  5. I will do that.


CTW hundo? Well then, have fun with those awful races and some other bad side stuff that R¤ came up with :^) Anyway, this rey guy is inactive, so somebody got to do his """"job"""", you know.

As for that "set seed" mess, my opinion is that either "AM (set seed)" belongs to misc categories (because whole AM segment after any% part can't be "set", i believe) or both it and "any% set seed" are, since the whole concept of "set seed" is just incredibly dull and ruins any kind of competition as i see it. (and if it'll ever be run by anyone it might look unappealing since it'd be "any% let's look for best seed to have equal times at" unless spawn points can be different which isn't much better imo) Hiding one or two of those would be great because then you can add non-dlc "all bosses" category back to main ones since i find it being more relevant than any "set seed" stuff. And no, i think "all bosses" (or anything else) don't need "set seed" additions because i don't think "set seed" implies that all bosses would spawn at the same places and times of day every time, but even if they do that's just not that kind of category that should be main one. Or you can make those additions if you want, but make those being misc ones to avoid having tons of irrelevant main categories.


Yeah, practicing it made me realize how they did think at that time that everyone will drive every race without mistakes, in reality, its frustrating af lol but thanks :)

I will try to apply for the super mod position probably in the next days. Well I came to the conclusion that - I will add AM set seed and any% set seed to misc and will add the non RoG all bosses as main. As for set seed category on all bosses, I agree that it seems really pointless at the moment and if someone will really want to run it then I will make it at that point, but for now I wont.

My run is in another category than current categories.

100% things timer stops then you see "You escaped" (the only winning screen in a game)

Please rename "any%" to "first to the Maxwell door" (Timer ends when you press "yes" to enter Maxwell's Door.)

Escaping the world is only possible with Portal, not with cave entrance, not with Maxwell door or any new thing they will place in the game.

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Okay, I will change the category names and will add 100% things


No offence, but "First to the Maxwell Door" sounds so lame and out of place, that even "Maxwell's Door%" would be more appropriate. And why the hell would you need to add "things" to "100%"? There will never be a true 100% run, so if you're defining it the way you did then stick to it fully.

Agjents, i think it's actually time to structure Don't Starve leaderboard to look better. Can you make yourself or request admins to make Don't Starve a series on srcom so there would be 3 separate LBs - for original DS, RoG DLC and Shipwrecked DLC?

Whenever that would be done you should get rid of "All Bosses (RoG DLC)" category and rename the other one. Another thing you should rename is "Any% Set Seed" misc. category. And also don't forget to put "(Random Seed)/(Set Seed)" back to all the ex-any% categories (idk if you'll feel like renaming them to something new again or not). I also suggest making sub-categories with all the playable characters for all the main/misc. categories in each 3 games. Iirc there was nothing groundbreaking added in RoG/Shipwrecked that would give us an opportunity to create new categories, so you can just copypaste ones from original DS LBs to those in the end with editing rules a bit whenever it is needed.

Final thing i suggest is to think about renaming "100%" (without "things") to "Good Ending" and both "Adventure Mode" categories to "Bad Ending". There're only two options i see now - renaming none of them or renaming both, because having to change only one might look a bit silly imo.

On a side note - when i was timing my recent Maxwell's Door pb i tried to see how other runs were timed and couldn't match anyone's time at all. (not even mine with both youtube video downloaded and having an original source) Agjents, i think i actually got your and other guy's current lb submitted times being ~500ms slower than it should be. (idk about DawnyGoi's time since he deleted his youtube vod) Maybe you can look into retiming your run again? My new run surely won't need any retiming, since i messed around with it a lot in both Vegas and Virtual Dub, but i'm still confused and uncertain about other runs.

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Knowing the fact that in my latest run i've got quite a good seed i spent a bit of time retrieving seed's number and then tried to follow the instruction from one of the threads on klei forums to generate the same world over and over, but, sadly, game proceeded to give me errors each of the few times i tried to start a new game after editing world generator script file. I only managed to play on that seed again by using backup save that was done by the game after creating the world. (which spawns you at Maxwell's intro cutscene btw, so that might be useful to take into an account in case we'll end up reworking rules for those misc. set seed categories)

There also was a pretty weird thing while i was messing around with all this stuff. Before going to edit world generator script file i deleted that lucky seed world savefile i had (i did it like twice at least overall) so it had only my let's play-ish world left both in-game and in the saves folder (checked to confirm that just in case), but when i was done editing world generator script file and launched the game, i saw the lucky seed world in the first save slot again, (i'm pretty sure i wasn't hallucinating ffzsWonder ) but i obviously couldn't continue it because of the error, given by the game.

I probably could've tried editing things some more or trying and find some other method to get around the errors, but my head hurts, plus i think there's already some things to discuss out of this small testing bit. I really hope that eventually more people will assist by looking into this whole set seed situation as well and give their input to help understanding what is possible and what isn't. Any help will be appreciated, really.

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Redlof, I added you as a mod here to fix things up, Im here only to provide atleast one active moderator, because the previous 2 mods weren't active at all.

As far as category names and timing rules or rules in general goes, I am down for whatever the active runners think is appropriate to be, as the core runner base is very little at the moment and it is better to experiment and change rules while DS speedrunning is in its early stages.

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agjents, I see that on the rules for All Bosses it says that all World Settings should be on Default. Is it possible that this could be changed, because the All Bosses run would have a faster and more consistent route if we could change the world settings.

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