runs and emulator validity?
6 years ago
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Recently, a new WR submitted run was accepted, and removed some time after. Was it rejected after? Deleted by user? I peeked on youtube and the video still exists.. any clue?

Concerning emulators, this is more curiosity than validity for now. This game is one of the most stable i have run. Usually there are only 60 - 80 machine lag frames only per run, and they happen mostly at one fixed moment at the game start.

I seen that there is an interesting emulator i hadn't heard about, emulicious, and started to get info about accuracy. I contacted its maker who told me that "his main concern was to be closest to original machine" but no more details for the moment about actual lag frames.

From what i experienced myself: _Bizhawk: totally ok. simulating lag frames. possibility to display them, and re-records too (possibility to check for single-segment) _Kega: seems legit about lag frames, no confirmation though (roughly tested with game gear games that create tons of lag, seems good) _others: no info or personal testing

Anyone have clues about that too? It would be good if there is a way in emulicious to check for single-segment even if i won't be picky for the moment

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Since they use Bizhawk for TASing it should be fairly accurate. They changed the SMS core from 1.11.9 onwards. so <=1.11.8 and >=1.11.9 should be considered different emulators (although I've noticed more glitches on the later ones). About the single segment thing, rerecords is a good way to check but in the lua console: movie.setrerecordcount(0) sets it back to 0 so it's possible to cheat it. That being said, its possible to cheat in almost every way of verification so I wouldn't worry too much

Midi-Pyrénées, France

i should check my version, but i have a quite old install, i'd bet on the older

ah, you can cheat the lua console? funny, but you can still verify on the original bizhawk file, isn't it? but yes of course, this is not a worry, just mere curiosity.

but sometimes, well.. I seen a video on youtube presented as a speedrun and which was clearly edited. The guy arrives at the dragon mail shop without having a charm stone drop, goes through the door, and when entering the shop he has suddenly enough charisma, more money, and even a sword he had forgoten before, haha!

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is this going to be covering the new version on xbox / ps4?

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Scoany the new version has its own rules and categories here:

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