What emu is best
Utah, USA

I was wondering if you guys had a safe link to a rom and emu so I could run this game :)

Berlin, Germany

I recommend the Kega Fusion but I am not allowed to tell you where you find the emulators and the roms. But you should find them easily. Good Luck and hit me up if you have any questions.


I think the most accurate emulator currently is Genesis Plus GX with the nuked (ym2612) option enabled (if you can afford the CPU hit). I prefer to use it with Retroarch, but the Genesis Plus also has a standalone version.

Midi-Pyrénées, France

The only one i'm pretty sure about real accuracy (emulating machine lag frames) is BizHawk, I think Kega is accurate too, but never had a confirmation or made tests. I don't think these 2 really matter at this point for SMS, at least for wonderboy 2 and 3, but for some Game Gear games they do (BizHawk actually shows you the number of machine lag frames, so that i'm sure it does emulate them, for instance for GG Crystal Warriors there is a huge amount of them).

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