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5 years ago
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5 years ago

Hi. I wanted to ask why Glitched% has this name even though the only thing that's different from any% is the swim glitch. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Any% technically means everything goes. So I would say Any% no L+R and Any%. All Bosses is cool but there could also be a 100% category, even though I will probably not be able to do a run of it, since All Bosses is just adding more time to Any% while making it glitchless for some reason? Sorry if I am being a noob here, but we are in an event called RNG and we are playing this game this week but I just needed some clarifications ^^

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Berlin, Germany

Hey Dickson, some games have any% and any% glithced (see Wonder Boy in Monster Land for example). I actually cannot tell you the difference. The main reason mostly gliched works is that with some controllers from Brasil you can press Left & Right at the same time (as you mentioned). I can give the example of the Game Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for example where this is a seperate Category there.

Since I am not the creator of these Categories you can always hit up Kaddath, he is the expert in the Glitched Wonder Boy Classic runs. But its better to seperate runs like this since not everyone has these special controllers.

Midi-Pyrénées, France

Yes as berlindude1 states the main reason to separate them is the use of L+R, at that time i wasn't aware that with some brazilian controllers you could do it on a regular console, so it was considered an emulator only glitch and couldn't really be used in a "normal" category for that.

The second reason is historical, at that time the "boy going through walls with hitting sword at the top of jump" or whatever name glitch wasn't re-discovered yet, so that Any% was basically glitchless at the time (if you accept to consider that transforming with the tasmanian sword is not a glitch, but a game feature). There was some debates about that, it can be contested..

Third reason is historical too, at the time there was no sub-categories with inner tabs implemented in the site. It's true that it should be now more rational to follow what's been done in Wonder Boy In Monster Land (Any% with 2 sub-categories, one being names "L+R used"). I should do it one day..

Also, for the all bosses, it was decided to go without tasmanian sword because the route was the same with it, it just removed difficulty and we like challenge (or is it only me?). I haven't even kept in touch to see if the route stayed glitchless or not. That can be debatable too yet, categories can change. We wanted to avoid creating too much categories while nobody ran them yet, but if people want to do them, i'm open to suggestions!

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