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Daravae's post about the Full Mod's decision regarding Jeff can be seen here:

This document is the official statement of the Alien Isolation moderators. It fully explains the details and circumstances of the issue:

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I was wondering how you get "tied" records on this site? I'm one of the moderators for Alien: Isolation, and we have been struggling with it and can't get it to work. We have players with the same time in seconds, yet they're listed as #1 with TimeA, #2 with TimeA, etc.

I see other games that have it working, for example Ultimate Doom E1M1 have multiple players as #1

Thanks in advance for any help with this, -d

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Dallas seems to be the best character to pick for Crew Expendable.

He starts at around the same distance from the bridge as Ripley does (Parker has a disadvantage here, and starts further away), but the biggest difference is in between connecting Ash to the airlock system and when the airlock becomes primed (52 secs for Dallas, 58+ secs for Ripley and Parker).


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The rules have been changed slightly for submitting a single survivor mode run:

"Timed by the in-game timer. Must be Single Segment. Single map only, not as part of a Gauntlet or Endurance Mode. NO PAUSING."

It now needs to be strictly a single, not part of a Gauntlet or Endurance Mode. This way it will match the single map leaderboard in-game, and there will be no difference in items or RNG.


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We recently changed the sorting on the leaderboard to use time without loads. People playing on PC are encouraged to use the load remover from now on to get the best time possible.

Here is a guide on how to set up LiveSplit from scratch to use the load remover.

  1. Download Livesplit:

  2. Run Livesplit

  3. Right-click the LiveSplit window and select the top option, "Edit Splits..."

  4. Select "Alien: Isolation" for Game Name

  5. Click "OK"

  6. Right-click Livesplit and select "Edit Layout..."

  7. Double-click "Timer" 8 ) Select "Game Time" for Timing Method

  8. Click "OK"

  9. Click the "+" icon in the top left corner of the Layout Editor

  10. Select "Timer -> Timer"

  11. Your second timer will now be at the bottom of the list, double-click it and select "Real Time" for Timing Method.

  12. Click "OK" twice.

  13. Save your splits and layout.

  14. Start the game and begin playing, you start the timer when you see the load icon disappear just before you get out of hypersleep.

  15. Finish the game, you end the timer when the screen goes black after pressing the last button in Mission 19.

If you want to personalize your LiveSplit and add splits for all the missions, you can do that, but this bare-bones approach is all that is really necessary.

Make sure you start LiveSplit before you start the game, if you don't, the load remover won't be able to connect to the game and won't work.

That is all. Have fun :)


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We approved QD's last run even though it was split into multiple VODs. It would make things easier if everyone makes sure that they record a local copy when they're streaming from now on:

Make sure you tick the boxes for "Automatically save stream to file" as well as "Keep recording if live stream stops", then if Twitch disconnects you during the run, you can upload the video to YouTube or similar and you will still have an unsegmented run.

In the future, we may reject runs that have several VODs.


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This was originally posted on the official Alien: Isolation forum, but that has been down for a few weeks now, so I'm putting up a mirror here.

I made maps for all the Survivor Mode levels, since the game doesn't provide one for you. The maps are just pencil and paper for now. If I ever get the time, I'd like to redo them with proper graphics.

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I'm finally done with my slow Nightmare playthrough, I uploaded the save games here (you can find them in Resources). They have a lot of items, especially in the late missions, and could be useful if you want to try playing single missions for the Level Leaderboard.

Have fun!


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There has been some questions raised whether time-saving glitches should be permitted for salvage mode.

The rule is if you can exploit a glitch to save time, it's permitted. It's not different from using the elevator in certain survivor maps before it arrives or clipping through the door in Mission 10. If it's the programmers fault, you can use it.

Tool-assisted glitches (Cheat engine) or other third-party programs are still not allowed.


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Could I play the FM-Towns version and still submit?


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