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Could a moderator kindly explain in detail why these two run submissions in particular have been pending for over a month, even though other runs have been verified?


I received information that this mod team might have their suspicions regarding the legitimacy of these runs.. though, they have been pending for over a month and no concrete evidence has been provided in the meanwhile as well as no rejections due to suspicions of cheating, since they are still pending.

Besides this, I am quite baffled to receive some evidence that moderators approached this submitter to have him download and install some strange software in order to verify whether their run is legit? This is pretty concerning and I wish that the moderator(s) in particular stop with this immediately. I will take action on this seperately.

I expect an explanation on this situation ASAP or otherwise I wish that these runs are treated equally and handled conform SR.C guidelines.

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I have sent you a DM.


Perhaps you shouldnt keep this in dms since the person whose runs were on hold suffered basically a 10,5 month ban for nothing. So please keep this public if possible.

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as above. the user in question was removed from the leaderboards without solid evidence proving nefarious actions to get the times they submitted. making it public would be ideal. #JusticeForJeffCat

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In line with an investigation from site staff starting on the 9th of March regarding pending submissions from user TTVJeff, strong evidence was presented in return by the moderator team that damage values and FT values in speedruns performed by this user on the 7th of May 2019 (2:45:08) and 15th of May 2019 (2:42:59) were tampered with. This was further backed up by active runners from the community who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

This user has been penalized according to SR.C policies which handles a strict zero tolerance policy against cheating. Further inquiries are to be directed towards the game moderators, though responding to these inquiries about this situation will be strictly to their own discretion.

Lastly going into a situation regarding leaderboard shadowbans: These do not exist. Moderators no matter what game are not authorized to apply such penalties. Situations of users breaking SR.C rules/policies should always be directed towards site staff. This moderation team has been made aware of the same.

With that said, this thread will get locked.

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