Setting up LiveSplit to use the Load Remover
7 years ago
Bouvet Island

We recently changed the sorting on the leaderboard to use time without loads. People playing on PC are encouraged to use the load remover from now on to get the best time possible.

Here is a guide on how to set up LiveSplit from scratch to use the load remover.

  1. Download Livesplit:

  2. Run Livesplit

  3. Right-click the LiveSplit window and select the top option, "Edit Splits..."

  4. Select "Alien: Isolation" for Game Name

  5. Click "OK"

  6. Right-click Livesplit and select "Edit Layout..."

  7. Double-click "Timer" 8 ) Select "Game Time" for Timing Method

  8. Click "OK"

  9. Click the "+" icon in the top left corner of the Layout Editor

  10. Select "Timer -> Timer"

  11. Your second timer will now be at the bottom of the list, double-click it and select "Real Time" for Timing Method.

  12. Click "OK" twice.

  13. Save your splits and layout.

  14. Start the game and begin playing, you start the timer when you see the load icon disappear just before you get out of hypersleep.

  15. Finish the game, you end the timer when the screen goes black after pressing the last button in Mission 19.

If you want to personalize your LiveSplit and add splits for all the missions, you can do that, but this bare-bones approach is all that is really necessary.

Make sure you start LiveSplit before you start the game, if you don't, the load remover won't be able to connect to the game and won't work.

That is all. Have fun :)


United States

For console runners, going forward you are welcome to submit a time without loads together with your real time. Please include in your run submission a linked image, spreadsheet, or text file (e.g., that identifies the duration in seconds of each mission, intramission, and death (if appropriate) load. See, e.g., (submitted for Mirror's Edge).

Note that unlike my prior manual timings (e.g., ), it is not required that you identify in your submission the exact frame each load started and stopped. It is sufficient to simply include a list of times, in seconds, for each load, together with a total load time and the subtraction thereof from the total real time.

As a reminder, the start of a load is determined by the first frame upon which the load icon is visible, and the end of the load is determined by the first frame after the load icon is completely invisible. See for screenshots of an example load (images 2, 3 and 4 reflect the total duration of the load; image 1 reflects the frame before the load icon is visible and does not constitute part of the load).

If you have any questions just let us know.

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Nevada, USA

Hmmm seems legit. Seriously though this should help since it's really the only way we can compete with PC. I might be confused a little as some load segments allow me to play during load segments and others don't (example is running ahead on nest, or m14 getting off elevator with magazine throat guy)...but following the loading icon should work I think. Thanks much!

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United States

If the load icon is visible it's a load, even if you can move or use the radial menu during it. This is true of PC runs timed with the load remover (there are points where gameplay has started, but the load icon is still visible and the timer remains paused).

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