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I got 1''30'53 and that's visible on the in game ranking.

A delayed DJ will go further,same in SHINOBI 3DS and KNACK 2,that's logical,programmed without much thinking.I​ will call that "jump far".

Only 2 rockets,a burst capsule between mines.No HA to the bumper,they are bad in this game.My fastest time is 39:30-3-6.

Start the burst immediately,you want the fastest rythme and the earliest landing.Take the propulsion rings in front,WJ to the lowest bumper,WJ beyond the first tornado-panels and prepare the spindash,smallJ to each plateforms,the tornadoes from the third don't hit the sides.

THE STRANGEST SHORTCUT:spam the WJ's,one jumpbounce over the ledge,spin to the right:Sonic will bypass the rings and land over with immediate SD,he will not land if he's not close to right before the spin.Fall on the bumper without HA.

Prepare the SD,2 jumps to the rocket,the rolling on the ground is faster than the HA.E​arliest quitting+SD,you can't bypass a liberated rocket.Burst when you ride the rocket on left,you can jump over it but it's not faster or barely.Bounce over them,you'll need medium jumps under the laters.At the end:3 burstes and you wait before 2 extra ones.You should be projected right to the bumper(a lot of variance in time).Follow the virages and take the fire shield.

Jumpbounce and over the ledge.P​repare the SD before the descent.A spam of jump after fall:"JAF".Jump far over the long virage and on the left of the cage,take the virages on the ground and jump far.You don't have to jump over the small gaps.

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It's 7-4,also called the aerial battle:I suggest segmentation for this game,chapter by chapter but this one is very scary in a easy one.

About the equipement:a new armor for L and K with the saber.

Point L to go north,press A and buy Shiva,drag down the portrays and direct his exceptionnal wyverns to provoke the south leader(they escape after their flames)welcomed by Balt and Fran,don't forget their gambits.Jump to provoke the one behind démons,during it:order a déplacement close to the other one,jump on the central one or come back before for safety.I​t should end with a big frozen group.

THE FASTEST AND SAFEST APPROACH OF MATEUS:provoke the judge with a sprinting V who comes back a bit more on left,so M will go close to Balt,that also means you beat the judge first and with the physical dance+trap,he will follow M if you engage too late.

Againts Balt himself:no characters except the spellchain,you're behind the third portal that you don't need,Ifrit is more in front.

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I have reached a segmented IGT of 1hour 58 after finishing the chapter 15 and it's perfectible.

the hourglasses can restore an agent or do a global restoration "GR",they can be used diagonally like the screens but it require one extra panel,you may need to collect more money in order to buy it in any part of a chapter,the frozen ones from ennemies are always collected at the end.

Collect every gears until 5-2,reduce at 2 until you get the ninja pack,F is the only user eternally.The exception are:2-2(1),3-1(0)and 2(2),8-1 and 2(3) and the chapter 10(3).

Reinforcements arrive with no energy for ambush like in 7-1 and 16-1.

1-1:J bombs the gold+right obstacle and goes on left,GR next turn,blow up all the wood so he can reach the right crate.Push twice and screen rapidly,to avoid the ambush completely is very hard but the stun is not granted.

2:go on right,rifle+bomb on the guard in front of the HG.Take the last screen diagonaly from the left.How to avoid the last ambush:run one panel forward,then,diagonaly to right,push the guard,it freezes it.

3:bomb immediately,J must wait in front-right of the objective with at least 2 steam left,shot the red barrel next turn.

2-1:(H-J,to validate with A is faster):H shots two kamikazes,never in the weakspot of the first,J goes the farest and look at the second panel of the stair,push by the K and attacked by two guard,he shots the weak of the K on the gold and collect it,H buy a GR,and push him before restoring himself,do it enough times and J can collect the third gear before exiting.

2:ONE TURN,H shots the chandelier and use the screens to reach the end,L jump twice to the gear,push him with 2 grenades and he can collect the two others.

3:J is the one who collect the gear in front,the spray allows him to buttshot.

3-1(invert J and L)ONE TURN:L restore and exit by jumping twice but rapidly.For all gears:eagle the lion statue and the guard at the same time.

2:ONE TURN,jump the virage,push,eagle,restore,roarstun,jump twice to the screen and to the crate on left that is kind of hidden.

4-1(invert J and H from the previous formation):jump and wait on the gold,to the gear before the spray,turn the tank before exiting,J buy a GR and that's two turns.

2:rescue,punch,restore diagonaly,rescue,J get stunned,heal him,break,rescue,screen,hammer,break,rescue.Next turn:he restore only to get stunned instead of T.

5-1(chronologic order with T):you don't need the wings:push T and buy a GR next turn,L collect the third gear.

2:ONE TURN,penguin the left push J to the HG.

3:L finally equip the hearth and shurikens "SK",he goes in front of the stair and get pushed,eagle the prowl,SK the two others and one helix before descending with a jump on the stair,you'll need a GR when you can attack the leader,you can do jump+roar+jump with double damage.

6(H-L-Q)ONE TURN:take back the initial equipement of L,S takes the ambushes because he can't be stunned,pumpkin shot the flying guards,eagle one worm,remove two red barrels,kill the queen from the front of the third HG,one PS behind,at the end:the weakspot is down-left.

7-1(H-T-J-S)TWO TURNS:S takes the ambush and SK from behind,heal,close SK on the next guard,the damage may be critical if you don't look at him,,the third one with two shots,the second one closer,bomb+buttshot,punch the obstacle,walk lateraly and punch guards on your way.The second gear after the door behind the crate.

2:replace T with L and his hearth,jump through all of this.

8-1(Q-S-R-T)TWO TURNS:penguin the central crate and the right route for S,crossbow two berserkers.

2:ONE TURN:SK the three central parts.

9-1(H-S-T-L):L takes the damage,punch the helix,no mine field. CB for S and SK for T.

2 ONE TURN:push them with rockets,H eagle the leader after the screen.

10(T-R-S):evacuate to the right with a special provide,R use the lure and the screen,kill them at turn 3 to buy the GR,T hops punch the wood and two ennemies,he hops the virage and punch the big door,attack the queen from behind,no risk from the panel in front of the spray,S kills the other with CB.(one restore at the second turn).

11(Tin-F-C-S)ONE TURN:S takes the cannon with SK and get provided by Tin,rocket the crates and gold with a guard,F walks SLOWLY to the coins,backward as well,rocket the obstacle between her and Tin.

12(speed team with F instead of R):the rush is the special of D,through the grey bloc,look back,shotgun the artillery,it can push back a patrolling guard,snipe the second prowl.

2:double GR and two turns if done perfectly.Rush to the door and laser the prowls,penguin the gold,two prowl on sides and the red queen,the torpedo aimed at the lower part,snipe+punch on the way of T,mine field behind the cannon you use on the queens,the special ambush can acheive the blue one,T can finish the remaining prowls.Reinforcement arrives if Q goes too far.

13(T-D-H-F):ONE TURN:H shots the crates,D bypass the leader and buy a GR,T will have to act rapidly.

2:TWO TURNSreplace TD with CTin,don't forget to equip the flags.F can kill everyone.Eagle and rocket on the ennemies below.

14:(T-Tin-F-L):ONE TURN without hearth,before the screen and tank,SK the gold,you will have to blow up the flying guard:press when the gauge disapears,provide F so,she can reach the HG and shot the target,L use the first one and collect the gold,he jumps twice and acheives the target.

15-1(C-T-H-L):ONE TURN with hearth,C rockets the obstacles on her side,T restore,SK the stalactmite and takes the spray:rapidly punch the stal and run through the ennemies and stop at the begining of the stair,punch everything after it including the flyer.Eagle the bloc and statue,push,screen,GR,push L with punch,the SK removes the stun status.

2:ONE TURN without,jump on the right of the artillery,one push with rocket.

3ONE TURN with hearth,replace T with D and laser the bloc,2steam weapon and screen,descend before jump.

16(long range team invert C and H):Tin and F go on left,C and H go on right and should attract the titans.Feel like merciless scoring...except for all these HGs and screens you can profit of.Oh,and you can go through the reinforcement immediately.

2:rocket the target until the back weakspot appears.

EDIT ZONE 1: 1-2:push H with 2 grenades and that's a one turn win.

3-2:it's easy to collect the first gear,my mistake was that i jumped too far on left.I'm not sure what other one to replace.

4-1:J-L-LL-H,ONE TURN,eagle the gold way and push L once.J buys a GR.Roarkill after eagle,jump in front of the third gear before on the spray,explode the gold on left,turn the tank before exiting.

2:only replace LL with H,ONE TURN,T buys a GR,H takes the spray behind the elephant and eagle the second small flyer on the way of J,run through the ambush,you'll need the screen in order to collect the gear.L jumps twice to the civilian,the GR removes an eventual stun after the first one,rapid rescue after the second.

5-1,chronologic order,invert J and H,ONE TURN with Lionhearth pushed by H.J bombs H and the first gold,eagle the second one,T only collects a gear and some coins for 5-3.From the spray:L can jump to the screen,GR from the second HG.Roarkill the kamikaze,not too close.

3:FOUR TURNS,closely group them on the stair and push with a penguin.L will restore and jump twice to the stair below,J runs rapidly to the HG and buys the GR,from there:he can 2shot the guard and collect the third gear.Descend in the basement with a 5PJump,2)2jumps to the gold+1P forward slowly.3)you want the leader to look at you so you can kill him with two melee shurikens.COMMENT:the crate doesn't contain a spray for a three turns win,"roarstun+meleeSK" without hearth could have been enough.I wonder if it's a dirty move or a honest error.

1-3:ONE TURN,bomb immédiately,J should be next to the tree before the GR,one push forward and to the other tree,remember that it freezes the guards:lateraly collect the gear and go back to behind J,he runs diagonaly behind the guard,only one ambush taken.Minus 2G but plus one in 3-2 and 5-3 thanks to the fourth turn.

HOW TO PUSH IN 2-1:J should be on the last P of the stair before the Hrestoration,ignore the virage and push forward twice,look at the ground with 3steam left,J goes behind the obstacle with 2:the kamikazes will remove themselves to disloge him.One push to the left of the message+one forward.


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In the temple of 8-2:when you press the last button,the boss appears but every previous ennemies disapear.

Aim at the right ennemy,V press the first mecanism instead of fighting.Regroup and use the invisibility,no sprint,F press the next one which is sacrificial,A and K go to the middle,no gambit or he's gonna provoke someone.

It feel logical:a combat série is out of place in this chapter filled with quick escape or kill.

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It can be found in a irrelevant site named GAMEFAQ since thirteen years and it's only a few days since i discovered it.It's a garbage-lazy-amateurish strategy that isn't fast,like camping in BINARY DOMAIN,the boundary between amateurs and speedrunners should be bigger. I have reached an IGT of 4hours 01 before the end and wroten 3 guides to explain many things,it's segmented but perfectible.No extra reward,i'm furious it has a random quality. What a weird thing,the weirdest is to use it for winning rapidly,maybe it's a cheat code against a target too strong but not necessary at all.Against Zodiarch maybe? Early runs of ASTRAL CHAIN spammed the sword but a good exploitation of every aliens(protoss)is more effective.This game runs need a revolution too.

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