The origin of bombos spam
2 years ago

It can be found in a irrelevant site named GAMEFAQ since thirteen years and it's only a few days since i discovered it.It's a garbage-lazy-amateurish strategy that isn't fast,like camping in BINARY DOMAIN,the boundary between amateurs and speedrunners should be bigger. I have reached an IGT of 4hours 01 before the end and wroten 3 guides to explain many things,it's segmented but perfectible.No extra reward,i'm furious it has a random quality. What a weird thing,the weirdest is to use it for winning rapidly,maybe it's a cheat code against a target too strong but not necessary at all.Against Zodiarch maybe? Early runs of ASTRAL CHAIN spammed the sword but a good exploitation of every aliens(protoss)is more effective.This game runs need a revolution too.

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The only place I prioritize bomb spam in any% is 9-1: Winged Warriors due to the nature of the level. Sending all of them to SelfDestruct one leader usually kills around the same time as Kytes killing the other two, then they're all re-summoned at the start of the next phase. Anywhere else bombs get used, it's because they're the only worthwhile rank 1 yarhi, due to having acceptable attack / attack speed, flight, and niche use in SelfDestruct.

In All Missions, they're also "spammed" in Ordered Chaos, since a simple lure with Llyud allows for 10x Self Destructs on the opposing Soul Crystal at the start of the mission. I still have to go back and time whether it's faster to bring Wyverns or another flier as well, or if 10x Bomb is simply faster.


It's hard to watch a 5 hours 10 run when you know it can be less than 4hours,my last segmented time is 3h57 and still not perfect.I have edited my guides a lot.The Atomos is stronger than the wyverns or the bombos,slower than the W but faster than the B with more range on the secondary,discreet but damaging,the spectacular flame breath does almost nothing. Ordered chaos...Just Lfocus the crystal,it's a joke.In 2-4,you often get bad result if you do it differently(add the jump).

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