The hardest map
6 months ago

It's 7-4,also called the aerial battle:I suggest segmentation for this game,chapter by chapter but this one is very scary in a easy one.

About the equipement:a new armor for L and K with the saber.

Point L to go north,press A and buy Shiva,drag down the portrays and direct his exceptionnal wyverns to provoke the south leader(they escape after their flames)welcomed by Balt and Fran,don't forget their gambits.Jump to provoke the one behind démons,during it:order a déplacement close to the other one,jump on the central one or come back before for safety.I​t should end with a big frozen group.

THE FASTEST AND SAFEST APPROACH OF MATEUS:provoke the judge with a sprinting V who comes back a bit more on left,so M will go close to Balt,that also means you beat the judge first and with the physical dance+trap,he will follow M if you engage too late.

Againts Balt himself:no characters except the spellchain,you're behind the third portal that you don't need,Ifrit is more in front.


THE VOLCANO JUDGE:especially if you don't wait for his attack buff to dissipates.

Provoke Chaos with atomoses protected by F,he's not immune to the slowliness.The célérity on your whole army including A herself.

Press Y+X,engage with the anti magic barrier+absorption+Ftrap gambit+celerity at surround,add the spellchain if possible.The secret is to give every monster to F despite the inferior attack:they will receive the protection several times and the Q.

The barrier from Bash...It brings us to the forged sword with 2H-M instead of 3H:it's a PLUS EIGHT!It can be done that early despite the randomized quality.You can always buy the superior bow because Fran and Balt are the most damaging during the final gang-beatdown(her best code is always 2H-M,3L for P,the most complicated one is M-H-L for the water wands).

Level 33+trance gambit,it's better to not miss it but it is not fatal.


C4:plus extra reward,the life crystal gives you 2 good material for both the saber and the lance.

C6:forge 11 weapon:go to the right and never to the middle,V provokes the dogs while the fliers scavenge the everburn.The saber uses the same questionnary as the previous one,you'll need the liana morbol from 4-3 which is not fun.Hashmal should be easy to take down with the anti inertia,he's not immune to blindness for no reasons.



Xpoint the right bombo,Vpoint the second leader to provoke the second group which you survey from the map,then,you direct him to the berries precisely:they'll come closer to you and your spellchain.T​he third will be automatically provoked after the KO of the second and immediately targeted,you don't bother with the dance but with the defense reductions.P and K can scavenge the blue stone.

What to do with a second sapphire?The water wand M-H-L,a +27 on the bosses and nowhere else because of the +24 in speed.A +10/12 may be good enough for the gang beatdown(the attack speed is the same).

8-1:2 Xpoint to the archers killed by V,K to the middle fairy with 2 spells,F to the second raw of djinns,L to the first,A to the middle cactus.No invisibility to the crystal,V can bait the fairies to your SC.

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