Around 3 minutes 30 in SKY ROAD 3
5 months ago

I got 1''30'53 and that's visible on the in game ranking.

A delayed DJ will go further,same in SHINOBI 3DS and KNACK 2,that's logical,programmed without much thinking.I​ will call that "jump far".

Only 2 rockets,a burst capsule between mines.No HA to the bumper,they are bad in this game.My fastest time is 39:30-3-6.

Start the burst immediately,you want the fastest rythme and the earliest landing.Take the propulsion rings in front,WJ to the lowest bumper,WJ beyond the first tornado-panels and prepare the spindash,smallJ to each plateforms,the tornadoes from the third don't hit the sides.

THE STRANGEST SHORTCUT:spam the WJ's,one jumpbounce over the ledge,spin to the right:Sonic will bypass the rings and land over with immediate SD,he will not land if he's not close to right before the spin.Fall on the bumper without HA.

Prepare the SD,2 jumps to the rocket,the rolling on the ground is faster than the HA.E​arliest quitting+SD,you can't bypass a liberated rocket.Burst when you ride the rocket on left,you can jump over it but it's not faster or barely.Bounce over them,you'll need medium jumps under the laters.At the end:3 burstes and you wait before 2 extra ones.You should be projected right to the bumper(a lot of variance in time).Follow the virages and take the fire shield.

Jumpbounce and over the ledge.P​repare the SD before the descent.A spam of jump after fall:"JAF".Jump far over the long virage and on the left of the cage,take the virages on the ground and jump far.You don't have to jump over the small gaps.

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5 months ago

Hey there, could you clarify on what you mean by... any of this? This is very hard to understand over your text explanation, a video would also be helpful in this case.


All of that from someone who doesn't have the game.E​xcuse me:who did nothing else than a miserable boss run long ago.

I had full game runs in mind,you can do an inferior but easier version of the shortcuts where you avoid the tornadoes and the giant rings,it's obvious enough in action when you play the game for real.

I got the WR in SILENT FOREST 1,you may prefer this shorter level but it starts with something horrible:you can move while the camera is in front of the flower,go to the right,a lot of variance in time,my best is 3'76,73 happened only once.EDIT:A lot depends of the moment where you smalljumpHA since it guides you,70 happened more often but still not in my WR.

2 spinjumps may be better than a SD,not at the beginning of SF1.Spin to the téléporters:it's faster despite the short distance.

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While we're at it:how can you beat the depressive in 37 seconds and half?Curious like you aren't!Fall close to him precisely and roll until victory.Do the smallest backspinjump+recenter(of the camera).

I would like to correct my second guide:from the cage of the bumper not teleporter:you can do a normal DJ and that's easier as well as faster.Normal means without roll,also useful in WH2 on the second burst capsule and in TC2 to kill 3 ennemies at the begining(rolljump to the second but without bounce).Rolljumpbouce+release(of the directions) on the head.Ledgegrab the grey blocs further and do the HA for a faster landing+SD.You can JAF to the platforms but it's slower than the small jumps that go less far lineally,the game is very sensible to their height and to the lateral movements.

In FF1:the previous WR(not by me) wasn't aware of the jump spam?Many things to say but no enthusiasm.Niczur,champion of SA1,is my initial inspiration to come here.He wants help on WH1?Go to the left but wallrun to the right.2 smalljumps+JAF to the speed shoes.

I go to the left.Jump over the ledge AS USUAL and jumpHA to the bumper because you're close enough:the roll is a waste of time.

Stop the projection of the cloud with a jump "SPJ".Asteroid to absord the last bloc of the bridge without falling,jumpbounce the 2 clouds and SPJ.Do nothing when you fall,only jumpbounce+SPJ the last cloud,2 jumps to the bumper and he should detransform during the second one.Transform as you hit the final bumper for a closer landing.


Right at the beginning of the fourth post,extremely easy to say and do,easy to verify in the end,it still got ignored.Any difference with the emulater?Okay,i know this is a provocation with zero honesty.The HONEST WR on this boss is 37'53,second place at 56.I suggest to write the in-game ranking on paper because the consoles can die.Good bye!

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