Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac1 year ago

Yesterday, Paul and I came up with strats for Femme Fatale & Return Home

The new Femme Fatale strat which I came up with can be seen in the video below

What you need to do is use Wolverine's regular attacks to reduce Wink's shield so that you put her in danger where you can use the finisher on her, before she has a chance to do any of her teleport cycles where she teleports up onto the platform. This saves a lot of time, at least a minute

Wink can only begin her cycles after taking a certain amount of damage. You want to avoid using super attacks or any attacks that launch Wink which will cause her to take damage to her overall health so you need to repeat the first 2 hits of Wolverine's normal attacks and only using his supers when she's blocking your regular attacks to break through her block

The new Return Home strat, which Paul came up with, features a glitch that I've known about for years but only happened to me once or twice and I could never figure out how to replicate it. The glitch occurs after destroying the first Turlin engine which will result in the mission finishing without needing to destroy the 2nd Turlin engine.

The strat starts with you needing to remove the armour from the orb by performing 5 standing projectile attacks from the very beginning of the mission. This can be done as long as you don't move at the start of the mission, and is a glitch I figured out a while ago but wasn't a fast way to complete the mission normally. Then, fly over to the orb and perform a flying attack to remove the armour without destroying the orb. And then to trigger the glitch, you need to fly a certain distance above the orb and position yourself properly to perform a drop kick to destroy the orb which should complete the mission.

Paul posted multiple videos of him testing the glitch (I've also tested the glitch & it works for me too) Watch the 3rd video to see the strat

Finally, here is a video of me doing strats for Elektra's 4th & 5th missions for the All Character Missions category. These are strats that I came up with years ago but since I never did a run in this category I never showed them

Paul, StarFalco and I all discussed these new strats in the discord but for anyone else thinking of doing runs, these are strats that you should know about and learn before doing any runs

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Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac3 years ago

This game has been a favourite of mine since I was young & I have a certain amount of nostalgia for it. I've just completed the game again today & I've watched a few speedruns of this game but while I was playing, I thought of a couple of possible ideas for different categories. These are:

NG+ Any% and 100%

  • As you know, you can have 4 playable Urbz in a single saved game. You could have New Game+ categories if you have a category where 1-3 Urbz have already played through the game. You can set up the game so that your urb has a bunch of items already at the start of the game (Power Socials, furniture that can be used or sold etc.). Items can also be put into the districts & items in the districts can be moved around which can make player movement more optimised in all the different districts.
  • NG+ Any% would require you to unlock Darius Penthouse with this NG+ setup
  • NG+ 100% would require you to complete all the goals with the NG+ setup

Urbz Fanatic!

  • Urbz Fanatic is the level you achieve once you reach 999 Reputation (100 relationship status with every non-playable Urb + the 3 player Urbz). There could be a speedrun for getting to 999 Reputation

What do you guys think about these category ideas? I realize this isn't a popular speedrun game with only a handful of people who have run the game but I think these could be very interesting categories. I'm thinking about speedrunning the game but it might be a while before I decide to do so. And if these categories are accepted, I'll likely do a run in them

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Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac3 years ago

Hey, I was thinking that a level leaderboard would be beneficial for this game. This leaderboard would include every mission in the game.

I think this would make the game a lot of accessible for speedrunning for those who don't want to run the entire game. Ideally, the timer would start after the loading screen or when you gain control of your character, in order to account for differences between loading times. The timer would stop on the Victory screen

These are all the missions in the game. The leaderboard would be split up into categories for each character mission set. Their would also be a category for the Sacrifice missions (missions where you defeat a marvel character as an Imperfect character)


  • The Invasion
  • It's On Now!
  • Catch This!
  • Clobber em all!
  • Broken Things


  • Street Fight
  • House Party
  • Femme Fatale
  • Claws of Fury
  • To Defy A Goddess


  • Death From Afar
  • Top of the World
  • Daredevil!
  • Silent Death
  • Assassin's Blades


  • Redemption
  • Scorched Earth
  • Electric Man
  • Take Them Down
  • Lovers' Quarrel


  • Return Home
  • House Call
  • Earthquake
  • Fight to Survive
  • Wrath of the Elements


  • Spiderman!
  • Airlift
  • Deadly Venom
  • Warped Evil
  • Fragile Life


  • The Pit
  • Seek and Devour
  • Fatal Heat
  • Wanton Destruction
  • Rise and Fall

Human Torch

  • Field Trip to Hell
  • Torchbearer
  • Old Friends
  • Cleansing Flame
  • Blazing Speed

Iron Man

  • Scuttle
  • Call of Heroes
  • The Eternal Soldier
  • Hot Iron
  • All or Nothing


  • Master of Magnetism
  • Death Incarnate
  • Poisoned Steel


  • Beta Test
  • Mayas Dilemma
  • Duel of Masters
  • Paragon's Revenge
  • Meet Your Maker

Sacrifice Missions

  • Last Stand (Fault Zone vs Thing)
  • Casualties of War (Brigade vs Wolverine)
  • Deadlier Than Males (Wink vs Elektra)
  • Death By Fire (Solara vs Daredevil)
  • Rage of the Beast (Altered Wolverine vs Storm)
  • High Voltage (Johnny Ohm vs Spiderman)
  • Lethal Toxin (Hazmat vs Venom)
  • Along Came A Spider (Altered Spiderman vs Human Torch)
  • Clash of Steel (Niles Van Roekel vs Iron Man)

What do you guys think?

Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac4 years ago

There is an in-game timer that shows on the loading menu that tells you how much time you've spent on the current playthrough of your game. So if you were to start a new game from the last mission it would reset to 0:00:00

Idk exactly how it works, if it includes load times or if it includes failed attempts but if it excludes load times, then this could be a way of getting times without loads, which I feel would be extremely helpful because load times appear to be a lot faster for @StarFalco64 on the gamecube than for my run or @WeaponLord.

The only problem with this is that the timer only tells you the time played in days, hours and minutes but doesn't tell us in seconds

This could be added as a variable on the leaderboards and it could be made a rule that future runs should save the game after the run and check the in-game timer. Of course, real time will still be recorded. It could also be a way to ensure runs aren't spliced

What do you guys think? @f1 As moderator, I'd appreciate your take on this

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Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac4 years ago

So a few days ago I tested some things out with all the different characters including the amount of time characters have rage, the amount of time characters can super block with a full super meter and how long characters can sprint, fly, teleport, swing or wall climb. This could be helpful for speedrunners but also for just playing the game casually

RAGE TIME (To the nearest half second) 23 seconds - Thing 22.5 seconds - Wolverine, Fault Zone 22 seconds - Elektra 21.5 seconds - Wink, Daredevil 17.5 seconds - Venom 17 seconds - Storm, Magneto 16.5 seconds - Spider-Man 16 seconds - Johnny Ohm 12.5 seconds - Solara, Brigade, Hazmat 12 seconds - Human Torch 11.5 seconds - Paragon, Niles Van Roekel 11 seconds - Iron Man

SUPER BLOCK TIME 6s - Wolverine, Wink, Elektra, Daredevil 4.3s - The Thing, Spider-Man, Solara 3.6s - Johnny Ohm, Storm, Fault Zone, Venom, Human Torch, Magneto, Hazmat, Paragon 2.9s - Brigade, Niles Van Roekel 2.7s - Iron Man

It appears lower tier characters with no projectiles, lower strength and/or less mobility have longer rages and can use the super block for longer as compensation.

Here is how long each character can sprint/teleport/fly/swing/wall climb with a full super meter

SPRINT TIME (Incl. wall running) Thing - 12s Wolverine - 28s Elektra - 28s Daredevil - 28s Fault Zone - 28s Brigade - 28s Hazmat - 28s

TELEPORT TIME Wink - 19s Paragon - 48s

  • Both characters can use their dodge alternatively to teleport without using any of their super meter

FLYING TIME All flying characters can hover for 1 minute 7 seconds with a full super meter. Ascending quickly can deplete your super in just 7 seconds.

WALL CLIMBING All wall climbing characters can wall climb for 1:35

SWINGING TIME Daredevil - 0:44 Hazmat - 0:48 Spider-Man - 1:20 (Venom can only swing for a few seconds at a time because he loses height with each swing. Spider-Man also loses some height but slower)

It takes 5 minutes 30 seconds for Wolverine to regenerate his entire health bar. Wolverine's regeneration pauses whenever his claws are out. So basically if you're doing any super moves or holding down the right trigger, his healing will stop

I've also been thinking of doing tutorials on a bunch of characters outlining their move sets, the various pros and cons of each character, and how I'd recommend playing as them

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Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac5 years ago

The Imperfect Missions (where you play as an Imperfect character [or evil Marvel character] to defeat a Marvel character) can be done in any order and for both Any% and All Character Missions, 6/9 of these missions must be completed.

Here's my ideal order of doing these missions

  1. Defeating The Thing as Fault Zone (Thing is stronger but this mission should be ok for you. Be prepared for Thing catching cars you throw at him and him lifting cars/the van to throw at you)
  2. Defeating Daredevil as Solara (Can quickly kill Daredevil by luring him into the fire pit at the top left of the arena)
  3. Defeating Venom as Hazmat (Just swing over the pit and Venom will kill himself)
  4. Defeating Spider-Man as Johnny Ohm (You can get Spidey to kill himself by flying around Daily Bugle and he will ring himself out. This can be tricky though. It's best if you first get onto the Daily Bugle letters to gain some decent height and avoid ringing yourself out)
  5. Defeating Human Torch as evil Spider-Man (This mission can be tricky. Try using Spider-Man's extra strength and super grab to sling heavy items towards you)
  6. Defeating Wolverine as Brigade (With the exception of the super block, Wolverine isn't much of an issue. The fastest way to defeat Wolverine is to hit him with lamp posts and throw them at him when he's at a distance)

Here are the missions I don't do and why

  • Defeating Elektra as The Wink - This mission is genuinely quite difficult. Elektra is much more of a pain in this mission than expected and The Wink is not a strong character. (Also slow menuing as 2 inputs are required to select this mission i.e. 2 right or 2 left)
  • Storm as evil Wolverine - I don't think this mission is particularly hard but is quite long as Wolverine has no long-range attack other than throwing items and he can only throw small objects which deal less damage. Also requires 1 additional input
  • Iron Man as Niles Van Roekel - Iron Man is a very difficult character to fight and while Niles Van Roekel is also a strong character with good moves, it can still be difficult and/or long to beat Iron Man. Also you only get 1 opportunity to do this mission and its better to choose the Brigade vs Wolverine mission over this because it's much easier

Reasons why my order is the most ideal

  • One reason why I think my order is ideal is for the purposes of menuing. If you do these missions in this order, you don't have to move to the right of left to select missions and can just mash the button to start the mission. Saves minor time but still significant. If you do the missions in this order, the only menuing you need to do is to select the imperfect mission as Brigade against Wolverine, and the first 2 Magneto missions which each requires 1 input (and all the missions for Wolverine, Elektra and Storm)
  • Leaving the Brigade mission to last which is arguably the easiest of the Imperfect missions which removes some stress late in the run.
  • The missions I choose are easier and faster than the missions I choose not to do. Missions 5 on my list can still give you some problems but is still better imo. The rest should be fine most of the time.

Of course some runners have different preferences. If you think certain missions are harder than others, you can do these missions in a different order but this is the order I recommend. If you can think of a reason why my mission order isn't the most ideal one, please post why you think it's better to do certain missions earlier/later than others

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Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac5 years ago

Hey, I've recently got this game and was thinking of speedrunning it.

Anyway, I found a few interesting time saves that I think are really useful for anyone looking to speedrun this game.

  1. In the mission "Top of The World" where you play as Elektra, you can complete the mission in under 40 seconds by wall climbing and avoiding all enemies. The first segment of this mission requires you to defeat a number of enemies before the wall opens up allowing you to progress. However, this can be avoided by wall climbing at the start. This is a tricky strat and can result in you falling to your death so I'd recommend practicing this before you try it and it's not a massive time save so it might not be worth it unless you're really good at it. Also avoid wall running to the sides as that will make her run to her death

  2. The first mission of Storm can be finished upon destroying the first of the glowing orbs without destroying the 2nd. Idk how this works but it happened to me and idk how. I tried to get it to work again but it won't work.

If I find any other time saves, I'll post them here

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Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac5 years ago

So this is a new trick that I don't believe anybody has done in a speedrun before in this place. In this video, I show you a place where you can clip through the wall allowing you to skip a large portion of the level. This place is located just over the electricity beams near the beginning of this section of the last level.

This trick also allows you to have 3 Ninjitsu's to use for the remainder of the level (as long as you don't die) which could be used for 3 different parts of the remaining run

  • You can use Ikazuchi for the TAS clip to clip through the electricity wall to get to the end of the stage
  • You can use Fushin to get past the final section before the Boss
  • You can use Ikazuchi and/or Mijin for the final boss

I think this trick will be very helpful to anyone wanting to speedrun the game

Kilkenny, IrelandMysticManiac6 years ago

Hey guys! I'm new to speedrunning and I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm MysticManiac and I've been speedrunning Streets of Rage a bit as that's a game that I've mastered by playing casually just by playing it over and over again. It's gotten to the point that I've gotten good enough at the game that I'd like to speed run it.

I haven't uploaded any speed runs yet. I will in the future but I'm quite busy at the moment with school so once I have time I will work more on speedrunning and uploading speed runs

I'd also like to speedrun some other games that I like but I don't think I've mastered any other games like I have for SoR but in the future I intend on speedrunning some other games. Some other games I'd like to speedrun in the future are Golden Axe I and II, Shinobi III and The Revenge of Shinobi on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive although like I said I haven't mastered these games.

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