Your first speedrun

If you’ve found your passion is running a game and getting your name up on a leaderboard, you’ll first need to select which game you are most interested in. We recommend choosing a game that you have enjoyed in the past and are looking forward to discovering more about.

After selecting the game, next up is selecting a category. Categories are essentially different objectives for the game, and popular category options include:

  • 100% - Completing the entire game. This can often include completing certain objective lists, collecting all key items, completing all side quests, etc.. What counts as 100% is determined by the community and game moderators.
  • Any% - For those who simply want to complete the game as fast as possible, Any% is about finding the shortest way to that goal. If you like going fast and using a variety of glitches and tricks, Any% will likely appeal to you.
  • Glitchless - Glitchless is a category that avoids using glitches to complete the game. It can often rely on tricks, but you won’t need to learn anything considered a glitch by the community.

There are a variety of different objectives, and each one will have its rules listed for you to make your decision. If you have any questions about the rules or category, clarification can usually be found by joining the game’s Discord server as listed on the Game Page. Within the Discord and Game Page you will also find a variety of guides and resources. Feel free to read through them to learn the most popular routes and glitches.

Most runs will require video evidence. Videos can be recorded through screen capturing software and uploaded to video hosting sites, or streamed and saved on Twitch. After you’ve practiced and captured your best attempt, submit the run on the Game Page and a game moderator will verify it within 1-3 weeks.

Most of all, have fun! If you aren’t enjoying grinding towards your best times, you may be interested in participating in the speedrunning community through another role. There isn’t one way to be a part of the community, and those who cheer on runners or develop tools are just as important as those who run.

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