Navigating a Game Page

Full-game Leaderboard

Typically the main leaderboard for a game, although game moderators can decide to show the Level Leaderboard as the default if they so choose. Here you will find the major categories listed at the top of the board as decided by the community. Meme or less official categories may be found in the Category Extensions page.

Runners can also find the rules for each category on this page, as well as submit their runs for moderator review. Runs should take 1-3 weeks to be verified.

If you follow a game, it will show up on your homepage feed as well as give you the ability to filter for games you follow on the Streams page.

Game Page Header

The Game Page header is a dynamic space which looks different depending on what information the Game Moderators have added - but in general every header will have the game title, game cover, release year, supported platforms, follow button, and boost button. If Game Moderators have linked a Discord, this will show up as well. If the game has linked leaderboards (ie, Category Extensions) there will be a link to that here as well.

Main Menu

Just at the bottom of the Game Page Header you’ll find the Main Menu for Levels (assuming the full-game leaderboard is the default view), News, Guides, Resources, Forums, Streams, Stats, and sometimes more depending on the game.

The Related tab for instance will only appear if a game has Category Extensions or some other linked leaderboard.


Widgets are on the right hand side of the leaderboard, let's go through them one by one.

Game Stats

The Game Stats widget provides a wealth of valuable information to enhance your understanding of the game and its community. You can access a variety of metrics, such as the cumulative number of players who have participated in the game, the current player count, the total number of submitted runs, how many runs were submitted recently, and much more.

Latest News

The Latest News widget will show you the latest community news written by the Game Moderators

Latest Threads

The Latest Threads widget will show you the latest threads (a.k.a. forum posts) from the whole community


This is where you will find the moderators for the game, each with a different colored sword depending on their level Examples of each moderation level can be found in the Moderation Rules. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or requests regarding the game.

If you have any questions about the game or need to learn more, the Discord is always a good place to start.

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