Creating The Leaderboard

Our appreciation to Daravae for the original draft of this guide.

When a game request has been reviewed and accepted through the process described at Request Game, a leaderboard will be created. After the initial creation of the leaderboard, site staff will set a few variables listed below in advance before handing it off to its requester.

  • Platforms: the basic software and/or software (OS) on which your game runs on.
  • Game Types (Optional): variables that reflect a special kind of leaderboard, such as a ROM Hack, Multi-game, Category Extension, etc.
  • Series (Optional): If your game should be part of a series of games, your game will be attached to its respective series.

The requester will receive a notification in the notifications section on informing them that their game request has been approved. Clicking this notification will take the user to the newly created leaderboard. Users whose game requests are accepted are automatically added as a Super Moderator on the respective leaderboards and have all permissions on the leaderboard by default.

After a leaderboard has been created, adjusted by site staff and handed off to the user (first moderator), the moderator should browse to the Edit Game option in the left navigation bar as soon as possible and set up the basics of the leaderboard.

Please note that:

  • Newly created leaderboards can be deleted by Super Moderators until up to 14 days after their creation. After that, it’s no longer possible for a Super Moderator to delete the leaderboard, and a Super Moderator would need to reach out to the Support Hub for assistance.
  • Newly created leaderboards that have not been active (such as setting up one initial leaderboard category) for 30 days are automatically flagged and deleted as part of the site’s automated processes.