Super Jump
6 years ago
Minnesota, USA

I encountered this trick two times, but i have been unable to replicate it purposefully... If we can figure how to do this, i wonder how far we could take it! ^^

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Queensland, Australia

I've never been able to do anything too useful with the super jump (tried on Neo-SF a while ago), but yesterday when going for Pyramid Inversion I did manage to super jump on top of the tyres stack by accident, I'll go through my footage and see if I can find it. There is also a super fast strat on Rhombus Square Oval where a super jump lets you turn sharply in the air to make a hard short cut, haven't got a full run with it cause it's hard, but I'll try to find some footage of that too

Queensland, Australia

Well I found the Pyramid Inversion clip, but unfortunately the Rhombus Square Oval clip is on a computer I don't have access to at the moment.

Minnesota, USA

I have a feeling it might have something to do with the landing bump you get. Like from respawning, or a high jump?

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