LevelFirst place
Amsterdam Tulip Farm
Bearhatten Carpark
Colorado Valley
Dragon Valley
Duck Race
Edge Drifter
Electric Dreams
Fiji Resort
Fortune Night
Ink Trail
Knight Race
Lava Knightmare
Lawnmower Moon
Loch Lomond Raceway
Mainframe Apocalypse
Market Street Neo-SF
Moscow Red Square
Paris Parkway
Pyramid Inversion
Rhombus Square Oval
Rooftop Hop
Runbow Road
San Francisco Infinity
Seaweed Speedway
Starbound Avenue
Telchines Supercluster
Tesla Tower
The Ring of Death
Toto Temple Run
Uluru Dirt Track
Vector Valley
Whispering Garden
SIK Ultra Stadium
Tesla Tower Floor 64
Canabalt City Circuit
Runbow Road 64
Jammin' Journey
Mutant Mudd Pit
Market Street 2064
Candyland Arena
Advent Lake 64
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