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5 years ago
Queensland, Australia

Yeah, new boost pads do change the run. My biggest issue with keeping track of versions is I couldn't for the life of me tell you what version I played on at the time of my runs. It does make me a bit sad that the hard work put into lowering the times went down the drain, but if the strats still work I guess it could help someone.

I'm indifferent overall, if game version is added as a filter than I'll happily try and figure out what version each of my runs was done on. This is definitely a discussion that was gonna arise sooner or later with the game still in development.

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Minnesota, USA

I'm surprised I hadn't put it in as a some sort of a category sooner. There are definitely going to be many changes, so i think it's important that each run is correctly labeled for the version they're using.

I've went ahead and added this as a variable. I have also already labelled every existing run based on date, but I would like everyone to make sure their submissions have the correct version chosen.

Here's the list of the versions, which was made according to listed gameplay changes.

v0.72 - 09/05/18 - 25cc and Slipstreaming v0.70+ - 07/20/18 - Ultra Cups v0.65 - 12/31/17 - XMAS update v0.64a - 11/01/17 - Spooky Halloween Update v0.63 - 08/22/17 - Super Summer Update v0.55 - 10/28/16 - Single Races v0.52- - 07/20/16 - Electric Dreams

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Queensland, Australia

Checked over all my runs and the version you selected checks out. Thanks for that mate : ^).

Seeing the versions kinda makes me wish you could change your game version on steam, but that's a bit of a pipe dream I think.

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